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FAQ - For Training Clients

For  Clients (Requestors)


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1. Why should I choose Trainergram?

There are several reasons for working with us;

  1. We are a Global web site, having a huge base of the most qualified and well-known trainers from all around the World.
  2. We are constantly following the market needs and search for trainers who are following those trends. You can be sure that all of our trainers provide relevant, up to date training in the chosen field.
  3. Our experience, almost a decade role, in organizing In-house training, Master Classes, and Conferences, made us experts in recognizing which trainers are good and, which are not. Therefore, we guarantee you the base of the most experienced professionals in their fields.
  4.  We provide you with support with negotiation if needed.
  5.  We make this process runs smoothly, do reliable research for you, and your only task is to choose the Trainer that meets your requirements.

We really must appreciate technology, for making our lives easier and our business more efficient than never before!!

2. What is GLC and how is it connected to Trainergram?

  The Global Leading Conferences  is the creator and owner of Trainergram website. Our website is a surface where Trainers and Clients can register themselves through creating User Accounts, through which website they can connect each other for the following purpose:

Training Client’s side: The Client can request and book the Trainer for a training

Trainer’s side: The Trainer can confirm the booking of the Client and provide a training.

The Global Leading Conferences will be the main contractor and all the invoices will be sent through it.

3. Who are your Trainers?

Our Trainers come from various industry backgrounds. They are industry experts, experienced professionals, and high-achieving individuals, with the common goal to share their knowledge through training, in-house training, masterclasses, corporate training.

4. Which kind of services do your trainers provide?

All the registered trainers provide Corporate Training, In-House Trainings, Master Classes, Webinars, among some of them are available for corporate event speaking opportunities as well.

5How much does the account cost?

That's an easy answer: We don't charge fees for your User Account (both for Trainer or Client)

6. So how do you make money then?

It’s free to create the profile and we don’t charge fees for being on the platform. We make our money by taking a small ’’booking fee’’ of 20% which depends on the gross amount fee of the trainer signed (for Clients).

7. What is the procedure for payment?

In the event of the Client filled out and sent the “book now” request through our website and the Trainer confirmed it by clicking the “Accept” button, at the time of the above confirmation of the Trainer, GLC is entitled to issue the invoice for the Client, which invoice contains a gross fee (“GLC booking fee”).
Simultaneously by the confirmation of the Trainer the “booking fee” window will pop up toward the Client User, which contains the fee and invoice of GLC in a gross amount for the services of GLC, with the legal title of brokerage fee

8. When will I be charged?

Only when the Trainer agrees and clicks Accept (it is an easy 5 step process - look question number 14).
After that you will be able to provide billing information. This way, only 20% of the amount shwn on Trainer's profile will be deducted from your account. The rest of the paybent shell be handled directly between you and the Trainer.

9. What are the payments methods?

All payment for GLC shall happen trough wire transfer to the bank account and as set forth on the GLC invoice” showing the amount “booking fee”.

10. What is the Currency of payments?

GLC bills in euros, all payments shall be done through wire transfer. There are no conversion possibilities.

11. Do I have to sign a contract with GLC/Trainergram?

There are two answers to this question.

1.         If you request a Trainer from Trainergram website, there are no contract requirements between us. There is a contract between you and a Trainer, but it is done independetly from us.

2.         If you request In-house training through GLC/Trainergram, in that case, a contract has to be made.

12What is the standard contract and how does it work?

All necessary details and relevant information are online where you can read it for further reference.

13. Do you provide us any help after we have booked our speaker with you?

It is possible to provide logistic support with the booking, but our main role is to provide you with a big database of the most qualified trainers. Afterward, we let you handle communication directly, with trainers you want to request.

14. How to I Request?

Firstly you need to Sign Up which is charged free. Then, choose your Trainer or Training, click Request and you will be guided through 5 steps. First 3 steps do not require billing information. It is for you to write detailed information about Training details and requirements. After the step 3, the Request message will be automatically sent to the Trainer. At this point, you can directly chat with the Trainer and make clarifications and potential changes with request. Once you both agree, trainer Clicks Acceppt, you are about to enter 4th step which is billing information. If you are lost at any point of the process Click in Chat Box. Our team will get back to you latest within 24h. 

15. Can I use Trainergram on my Mobile device?

Yes. Trainergram is user-friendly for iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android and PC.