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The Art of Negotiation

by Adrian Cioroianu

Languages: English, Romanian

Price (from): €3,000 / day

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The Art of Negotiation by Adrian Cioroianu

About the training

#The Art of Negotiation   #The Art of Negotiation

Creativity in negotiation is more important than ever.

-> How are the situations seen in the "shoes" of your negotiation partner,

-> What do we really mean through negotiation tactics and tehniques,

-> Which are the interests that can be found under the negotiation table. 


Benefits of a negotiation training:

-> Identifying alternative solutions to your clients needs

-> Identifying the right resources to create the picture of a perfect negotiation

-> Establishing the principles of a win - win negotiation

-> Methods of counteracting different manipulation tactics, that people usually call for in complex negotiations

-> Planning and preparing a negotiation

-> Becoming aware of your own emotional character in relationship with your negotiation partners

Structure of the training

A. Negotiation components

B. Negotiation tactics

C. Successful negotiations


A. Negotiation components

-> What do we negotiate?

-> 10 Reasons to negotiate

-> Types of negotiations

-> The myths of negotiations

-> Why a negotiation fails?

-> How to prepare a negotiation:

   a. Establishing objectives

   b. Getting informed

   c. Information analyses

   d. Defining the right strategy

-> Negotiation matrix


B. Negotiation tactics

Starting with know - how:

-> Negotiation strategies

    a. Lose - Lose

    b. Lose - Win

    c. Win - Lose

    d. Win - Win

-> 10 Negotiation techniques

-> Negotiation tactics


Learning by doing:

-> Group negotiation

-> 1 vs 1 negotiation (role playing with different situations encountered in your business)

C. Successful negotiations

-> What do we need to find out in a negotiation

-> 6 Basic needs of a client

-> The power of asking questions

-> 5 Types of attitude in a negotiation

-> Different styles used in a negotiation. When to use every style

Learning by doing:

-> Role Playing:

    a. Preparing another group of 2-3 people that have the same role the negotiation strategy of a specific situation

    b. Choosing a partner and start to negotiate

    c. Analyzing the negotiation



Learning outcomes

How to become a successful negotiator

A successful negotiation is when both the buyer and the seller consider that the objectives are achieved and there are no regrets left on the table.


  • The Art of Negotiation

  • The Art of Negotiation

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