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International Capital Markets

by Alan McDougall

Languages: English

Price (from): €3,300 / day

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About the trainer:

Alan helps banks and their clients to manage risk. He has designed and delivered over 1600 highly interactive training days in more than 40 countries for the International Faculty of Finance, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Rabobank, BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, UBS, Credit Suisse, Barclays, The Bank of England, The Financial Times, The London Stock Exchange, The United Nations and many others. He advised banks and multinational corporations on the design and execution of their hedging, asset-liability and risk management strategies at HSBC’s International Treasury Management Group, where he also ran a currency swaps book. He traded a proprietary fixed-income book at Scotia Capital Markets and ran training courses for the traders and the salespeople. The International Foreign Exchange Dealers Association (ACI) commissioned him to write ‘Mastering Swaps Markets’, published by the Financial Times and the University of Shanghai. He has an MSc in International Banking and Finance, plays the clarinet in one of London’s orchestras, and is a keen golfer, with a handicap of 6. Alan is an advisor to the fintech, edtech, social media company INVSTR.


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International Capital Markets by Alan McDougall

About the training

#capital markets

The course examines each stage in the life of a business, from start-up to major listed corporation, and analyses the opportunities available in the markets. Through a series of highly interactive case studies participants will gain a complete understanding of how the capital markets work from the perspectives of issuers, arrangers and investors.


  • Understanding the markets

  • Equity markets and equity derivatives

  • Fixed income, currencies and commodities

  • Interest rate & currency swaps & swaptions & structured products

  • Credit derivatives, risk management and regulation

  • Financing a business

  • Case study: Green & Blacks

  • Asset allocation

  • Exercise: constructing an asset allocation strategy

  • Case study: Morgan Stanley’s Global Investment Committee

  • Leverage

  • Exercise: contrasting debt and equity finance

  • Capital Structure: what it is and why it matters

  • Case study: why capital structure matters

  • Mezzanine Finance

  • Exercise: mezzanine finance

  • Equity capital markets

  • Case study: LinkedIn

  • Case study: Facebook

  • Case study: VA Linux

  • Case study: National Grid’s rights issue

  • Equity derivatives

  • Exercise: CFDs

  • Case study: Fidelity/JP Morgan - equity index swap

  • Equity options

  • Case study: using equity options in portfolio management

  • Private equity

  • Case study: Baskin Robbins

  • Bond pricing

  • Exercise: approximating bond prices

  • Exercise: Swire Pacific 6.25% April 2018

  • International bond issues

  • Case study: new international bond issue

  • Case study: swap driven bond issues

  • Case study: Pernod Ricard

  • Case study: Millenium BCP

  • Securitisation

  • Case study: Ford Motor Credit

  • Money markets

  • Exercise: hedging floating rate debt with FRAs and interest rate futures

  • Yield curves

  • Exercise: valuing fixed and floating rate cash flows

  • Case study: interest rate swap valuation

  • Case study: asset and liability management

  • Foreign exchange

  • Exercise: hedging in the forward market

  • Case study: multi-currency debt management and currency overlay

  • Interest rate & currency swaps & swaptions & structured products

  • Swaps & swaptions

  • Case study: interest rate risk management

  • Case study: European Investment Bank

  • Interest rate options

  • Case study: hedging interest rate risk with interest rate options

  • Currency options

  • Case study: trading currency options

  • Case study: hedging currency receivables

  • Exercise: ITM and OTM options

  • Exercise: aligning market views with currency option strategies

  • Asset & liability management

  • Case study: managing duration while hedging the interest rate risk in a portfolio

  • Commodity derivatives, credit derivatives, risk management and regulation

  • Credit Derivatives, structured products & risk management

  • Case study: analysing the risks in a structured product by examining how it is hedged

  • Commodity hedging

  • Case study: Mexico’s oil hedge - buying OTC put options

  • Risk management

  • Case study: Braeburn Capital - managing Apple’s interest rate risk exposures

  • Regulatory environment

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