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Coaching your team with Effective, Real-Time Feedback Category

by Aldeen Simmonds-Thorpe

Languages: English

Price (from): €800 / day

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About the trainer:

Aldeen Simmonds-Thorpe is a HR Transformation Strategist, Consultant, Coach and Speaker enabling businesses to solve problems and navigate human resource and operations challenges that result in more efficient processes and stronger, diverse and more inclusive teams while mitigating risk and maintaining compliance. With over 10 years’ experience in HR and operations, she is a trusted Advisor and Coach to entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals employing strategies that allow them to adapt, compete and thrive in local and global markets.

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Coaching your team with Effective, Real-Time Feedback Category by Aldeen Simmonds-Thorpe

About the training

#understanding feedback   #leveraging feedback   #team culture improvement with feedback   #feedback strategies

Feedback is listed as one of the most requested necessities for successful teams and its members. However, only a few people ask for or provide effective, useful and real-time feedback. Providing feedback that yields change and reinforce positive and desirable behavior can really happen almost instantly. But first, you need to be able to provide effective feedback, receive feedback – good, bad or otherwise and incorporate feedback into your daily routine. In this course, we focus on the essentials of providing effective feedback, strategies to incorporate feedback into your daily personal and team routine and how to recognize and utilize coaching moments to provide real-time and constructive feedback to drive desired behavior. Duration: 4 hours

Learning outcomes

Identifying the Components of an Effective Feedback Loop

Identifying the critical components of the feedback loop and how they interact to provide effective communication

Feedback Strategies

Identify and use the best feedback strategy to drive desired results

Feedback and Culture

Use feedback as part of your personal and team culture to create a desirable team culture


  • The Feedback Case Study

  • The Feedback Case Study

  • Understanding the Relationship between Feedback and Culture

  • What are Feedback Strategies and How to use them

  • Using Feedback to impact Culture

  • Creating a Team Culture Improvement Roadmap with Feedback

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