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The Leadership Roadmap: Leadership for New and Mid-Level Managers

by Aldeen Simmonds-Thorpe

Languages: English

Price (from): €1,200 / day

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About the trainer:

Aldeen Simmonds-Thorpe is a HR Transformation Strategist, Consultant, Coach and Speaker enabling businesses to solve problems and navigate human resource and operations challenges that result in more efficient processes and stronger, diverse and more inclusive teams while mitigating risk and maintaining compliance. With over 10 years’ experience in HR and operations, she is a trusted Advisor and Coach to entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals employing strategies that allow them to adapt, compete and thrive in local and global markets.

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The Leadership Roadmap: Leadership for New and Mid-Level Managers by Aldeen Simmonds-Thorpe

About the training

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Stepping into leadership can be rewarding, scary, challenging, and frustrating. New leaders need a different kind of support, skill set, and resource kit development that many leadership programs do not provide. Mid-level tactical leaders also need similar support as they struggle to meet the organization’s goals while motivating, managing and mediating team dynamics. The Leadership Roadmap follows my signature leadership program – The A.C.T. (Adapt. Compete.Thrive.) Program for New Leaders. In this we focus on leadership essentials, including communicating effectively, understanding your personal leadership style, learning to identify your team’s preferred communication style; leading teams in a competitive, complex and values-driven market place and building a progressive team culture through navigating difficult conversations, team dynamics and coaching team members. Duration: 8 hours

Learning outcomes

Determine you leadership style

Define your leadership style and understand how it impacts your team culture and work environment

Intentional and Effective Communication

Understand how to use various methods and mediums for communication and effective feedback to lead and coach your team to achieve their goals in a values-driven market place

Develop your Inner Leadership Coach

Use the principles of coaching to provide your team with a safe space to be heard, have difficult conversations and provide constructive feedback that reinforces a positive and productive team culture


  • Defining and using your Leadership Voice

  • Effective Leadership for Your Team

  • What to do when Leadership and Team Culture Collide

  • Building and Rebuilding Team Culture

  • The Foundation for Intentional and Effective Communication in Team Culture

  • What is the Values Driven Market and How to Compete and Lead in it

  • How to Navigate Difficult Conversations

  • How to Frame, Phrase and Deliver Difficult conversations

  • Leading up and down the Organization

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