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Aldert Oomkens

Languages: English, Dutch

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Training Category Levels
Social and Emotional Intelligence for Effective Influencing HR, Leadership, Soft Skills, Other beginner

Aldert is a professional international trainer and executive coach who specializes in leadership development, executive coaching, change management and organizational and team development.
His passion is to develop and support leaders on their leadership journey. He enjoys providing Leadership Development Programs at all leadership levels in global organizations and supporting leadership teams dealing with transformation and change. His drive is to stimulate high-performance cultures by unlocking the full potential of leaders, teams, and organizations.
For over 25 years he worked and trained in various organizations and projects in different branches, worldwide. As a change manager and project manager, he has successfully managed numerous complex global projects in business process improvement.
His focus is on building strong people engagement for high performance. His motto is: “Powerful People – Strong Organisations”