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Risk-based decision making for Board members

by Alexei Sidorenko

Languages: English, Russian

Price (from): €4,000 / day

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About the trainer:

Alex Sidorenko is an expert with over 14 years of risk management experience in private equity, sovereign funds, investment authorities, and venture capital firms across Australia, Russia, Oman, Poland, and Kazakhstan. In 2014 Alex was named the Risk Manager of the Year by the Russian Risk Management Association.

Since 2012 Alex runs RISK-ACADEMY, a highly successful company, focused on providing ERM, risk management integration services, risk modeling, training and auditing to private equity firms (direct investment and funds) as well as sovereign wealth funds. Alex’s specialization is risk management integration, risk-based investment decision making, value creation, and asset management.

Alex was the Head of Risk at one of the largest private equity funds in Russia ($10B assets under management), specializing in hi-tech and nanotechnology across healthcare, information & communications technology, mining, O&G, renewables, semiconductors, and utilities. Alex was responsible for running ERM programs at the fund level as well as across its 97 portfolio companies (energy, finance, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing). Awarded Best ERM Implementation 2014 by the Russian Risk Management Association for his work at RUSNANO and Best risk management education program by the RusRisk in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Prior to that at SKOLKOVO FOUNDATION, Alex lead the risk management function at the largest incubator (multibillion-dollar construction) and VC fund and was responsible for risk identification, analysis, mitigation, training and reporting at the management company and the 830 innovation portfolio companies.

Alex published risk management books in 2011, 2016 and 2017 and is the author of a 12-series TV program dedicated to teaching risk management (second book to be published end 2016). Alex currently lectures at various MBA, Executive MBA programs and executive universities like Gazprom and Russian Rail. More than 8000 executives, managers, and students have been trained so far.

Alex is a Certified Risk Management Professional, RUSRISK and Certified ISO 31000 Risk Management Lead Trainer, G31000. Alex represented the Russian risk management community at the ISO Technical Committee 262 responsible for the update of ISO31000:2018 and Guide 73.


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Risk-based decision making for Board members by Alexei Sidorenko

About the training

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We offer 30 minute, 2 hour, half-day, one or two-day training programs specifically designed for executives, Audit Committee members, Board members, and senior decision-makers.

All of our courses involve wide-ranging practical case studies and exercises.

Learning outcomes

Risk Decisions

Development and implementation of practical tools for making strategic, operational and investment decisions based on risk

Risk Management Integration

Integration of risk management into strategic asset allocation, budgeting, investment activities, reporting and other key business processes across the organization

Impact of Risks

Quantification of the impact of risks on the objectives and KPIs of the organization as whole or individual investments (decision trees, tools, Monte-Carlo simulation, the use of scoring models for non-financial companies).

Regulators and Global Trends

Recommendations to meet the requirements of regulators and global trends in the field of risk management, including applicable ISO 31000 2018, COSO: ERM 2017 and other risk management requirements.


  • Why manage risks systematically?

  • Common challenges in decision making (cognitive biases, hidden agendas, weak motivation, lack of competencies)

  • Risk management as a powerful decision-making tool (from CIA toolkit to advance risk management modeling and simulations used by Nassim Taleb and others)

  • Step 1. Key assumptions check

  • Step 2. Data quality control

  • Step 3. Running simulations using monte-carlo

  • Step 4. Devil’s advocate and other contrarian techniques

  • A roadmap for risk management integration and auditing risk management effectiveness

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