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Andrej Smogavc Cestar

Languages: English, Croatian

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Training Category Levels
Internal Auditor Training – existing internal Auditors Other beginner

Andrej Smogavc Cestar is a management systems consultant, interim manager, and systemic coach, focused on effective introducing, using and further developing systematic approaches to managing organizations. After serving as interim manager on executive positions (among them CEO and COO) and after more than 15 years of active assessments as lead external auditor of management systems, such as ISO 9001, TL9000, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO 22301, ISO50001, ISO55001, and educational quality system KP, he is well acquainted with best practices from companies of different industries and sizes - from micro-units to international concerns. In 2016 Andrej became also EFQM European Excellence Award Assessor. His expertise further lies in developing strategic business models, learning organizations and management successions. Andrej currently holds a place as Lecturer of Management and Organization at the Faculty of Business and Economics / the University of Maribor, Slovenia where his research lies in Systems of leadership, Organizational learning & Knowledge management bundled with management systems. In the industry, Andrej is a renowned trainer for Management Systems (Auditors) Training and Strategic Business Modelling, especially because of his extensive knowledge of good practices and solutions across industries. Andrej received his M.Sc. degree from Faculty of the Economics / University of Ljubljana, Slovenia with a thesis on Learning organizations based on Leadership development. He also holds an Engineering degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in Industrial Engineering from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering / University of Maribor.