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Andrew Wallbridge

Training Category Levels
Leaders Labyrinth Leadership beginner
Coaching for Managers and Supervisors Leadership beginner

Leadership can't be taught!! But it can be learned. Remote workshops available and ready to deliver using MS Teams. All levels of management and leadership catered for. Rates for remote training subject to conversation.

Andrew is a leadership and management specialist taking a provocative, hands-on and highly commercial approach to development. 

Drawing a firm distinction between developing leadership skills, and developing Leaders, Andrew has worked with some of the world's leading global organizations in the areas of leadership, service quality and employee engagement, and worked alongside many prominent Leadership Commentators. His passion lies in helping business leaders create and communicate visions, develop high levels of customer focus and align processes and procedures to organizational intent.

Prior to working as a consultant, Andrew worked for many organizations including Grand Metropolitan, David Lloyd Leisure, Granada, and Whitbread and headed up Warner Bros’s customer service initiative. He also worked extensively in Human Resources for several retail firms, including a position as European HR Director for Claire's Accessories.

Andrew has taught leadership to hundreds of high profile companies and across 6 continents. Other clients have included such household names as Google, General Electric, Unilever, Capital One Bank, Nike, Phillips, Astra Zeneca and many more.  Andrew is a non-executive director of Valleys to Coast Housing Association and lives in South Wales with his family and 3 dogs.