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Coaching for Managers and Supervisors

by Andrew Wallbridge

Languages: English

Price (from): €1,600 / day

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About the trainer:

Leadership can't be taught!! But it can be learned. Remote workshops available and ready to deliver using MS Teams. All levels of management and leadership catered for. Rates for remote training subject to conversation.


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Coaching for Managers and Supervisors by Andrew Wallbridge

About the training

Coaching is one of the most effective tools for developing others, but it's so often misused.  Coaching is not an event, nor is it just a process of asking the right questions. It is a tool for the present moment, using whatever experiences and resources you have available. Try coaching your child to tie their shoe laces – doesn’t work does it, so, it's about choosing the right tools for the job.


As it's not an event, it should form your modus operandi to be used daily, and a single coaching conversation could last an entire year - or at least until someone can demonstrate the behaviours and changes you are seeking.


We investigate the principle of coaching and mentoring, and then break the rules!


We only have 3 rules...

1. Aim to motivate the learner

2.Be a thinking partner with them

3. Share ownership


CLEAR Coaching in the moment


Most coaching programmes are designed for managers, who are seeking ways to coach others in a structured way where coaching is seen as an event and the coach dons the ‘coaches hat’ every time they seek to use such a tool. Here at TSW we believe coaching can be an every-day tool and can be very successfully used for manual workers and front-line employees. We combine the best elements of coaching and mentoring so that ‘coaches’ can adapt their style to the needs of the individual – in the moment!

This course is about practice and performance; participants are challenged to consider how they lead and manage, to become more self-aware and to ultimately do things better, for the good of their teams and the organisation they work for.

What will a course participant be doing?

On and after the course, participants will be…

  • Practicing developing others in a safe environment
  • Paying attention to performance and identifying coaching opportunities
  • Recognise body language signals
  • Understanding differing learning needs
  • Using question to effectively explore learning options
  • Give candid and direct feedback
  • Setting specific and stretching goals
  • Observing and evaluating performance and behaviour
  • Purposefully focusing on results and the environment

Future Development and Implementation

The facilitator will coach and assist participants to develop a personal application and development plan to implement on their return to work. This should ideally be shared with others in the participant’s development i.e. the Line Manager (Senior), HR Manager etc.

For maximum impact, it is important for participants to receive support following the event, but also to be held to account for the actions they have committed to during the course.

In addition, participants will have the facilitator’s e-mail details and they will be available contact them for four weeks following a course – in this time participants may send any queries the have relating to the course and how they can put their learning into practice in the workplace.

What are the outcomes for this course?

For organisations to achieve…

  • Consistent high levels of performance;
  • Faster and more effective induction of new starters;
  • Reduction in performance management issues;
  • Improved motivation and empowerment of individuals;
  • Improved employee retention and engagement;
  • Team activity works only on those projects and tasks that have a clear line of sight to strategic intent

That's it! This 1-day course is highly interactive and enjoyable. This could change the way you lead and manage, forever!

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