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Leaders Labyrinth

by Andrew Wallbridge

Languages: English

Price (from): €1,600 / day

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About the trainer:

Leadership can't be taught!! But it can be learned. Remote workshops available and ready to deliver using MS Teams. All levels of management and leadership catered for. Rates for remote training subject to conversation.


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Leaders Labyrinth by Andrew Wallbridge

About the training

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Leadership Development just got personal!


The practice of Leadership is not reserved just for the top people in business and not just for those we elect into political office. It’s a useful tool for anyone in business, no matter what their status, position or grade. It’s a tool for those seeking to enrol the efforts and commitment from those around them.


There are literally hundreds of Leadership programs, all promising to help you develop as a leader, but there isn’t a course that works for everyone.


 Leaders' labyrinth™ was developed to provide a unique experience for each of its attendees. Just because we’re all different.


We broke the most popular programs and looked for common denominators, the things that we can all agree upon and we now call them our Basic Truths of Leadership


1.Leadership is personal. What works for one might not work for another. There is no such thing as a one size fits all.  It's also personal because good Leadership is in the eye of the beholder.

Leadership is not a job.  Just because you have a corner office or ‘Leader’ in your job title, it doesn’t make you a leader. Most good leaders won’t be found on the top table at all, they’ll be found inside organizations, the people who get stuff done through others. So, Leadership skills are not exclusive to the C-suite.


2. Leadership is a contact sport.

You need to build connections with those you intend to lead, so you need to let them know who you are.


3. Leadership is Contextual and often shows up either at a time of crisis or change or when you’ve something important to say.


4. Leadership is a choice. When you are in a position when the actions of others are important, you have the choice to employ your Leadership


5. Lastly, when you look down at your Leadership toolkit, there’s only one tool in there. The ability to communicate well. Master that, and it’s a lot harder than you think, and the rest is child’s play.


Leaders Labyrinth™ is a 2-day journey of experiences. When you enter the Labyrinth, you will encounter a number of experiences that will help you develop your own Leadership Advocacy. There are a limitless number of ways into the Labyrinth and only one way out! The same way you came in, only better.



This is not a workshop for the faint-hearted, prepare to work hard, get coached hard and prepare to dig deep. Your Leadership Advocacy lies deep within you, we just need to bring it to the surface.


Learning outcomes

  • Creating your personal Leadership Advocacy
  • Building Personal Credibility and Trustworthiness
  • Providing and maintaining direction that ignites others to committed action
  • Crafting and practicing communication techniques that inspire, excite and connect
  • Taking steps to lead a real-life business change project




Learning outcomes


Creating your personal Leadership Advocacy


Providing and maintaining direction that ignites others to committed action


Crafting and practicing communication techniques that inspire and connect


Taking steps to lead a real-life business change project


  • Earning the right to Lead

  • Communicating carefully

  • Setting the course; steering the ship

  • Developing people greater than yourself

  • Setting the tone

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