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Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training

by Anna Costello

Languages: English

Price (from): €300 / day

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About the trainer:

Anna Costello. Founder of Constructing Wellbeing. Specialist mental health & substance misuse training for the construction industry. Courses delivered by Constructing Wellbeing are CPD accredited.


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Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training by Anna Costello

About the training

#Constructing Wellbeing

CDP accredited training, tailor made for staff working in the construction industry.

The course covers:

*  the construction industry, why are these topics relevant?

*  what is mental health and addiction? 

*  how to recognise the signs and symptoms of poor mental health

*  how to recognise the signs and symptons of problematic substance use

*  understanding the impact and potential consequences of these issues

*  what circumstances contribute to poor mental health and/or a substance misuse problem

*  ways to improve personal wellbeing

*  getting help and support.  


Please note that the course is 90 minutes long. The cost of the course varies in accordance with the the numbers attending and your location from London. Over a full day, I would faciltate three 90 minute sessions, with up to 15 delegates in a session. The cost of a full day in London would be £600. 

Learning outcomes

Mental Health and Substance Misuse

To learn more about the definition of 'mental health' and to be able to recognise common diagnosis of a mental health problem, along with the stages of substance use/misuse.

Signs and Symptoms

To be able to recognise signs and symptoms of poor mental health and problematic substance misuse. To understand different circumstances & experiences that can impact our wellbeing.

Understanding the reasons

To explore the circumstances as to why we may experience poor mental health and/or use more substances than we would like to.

Improving Wellbeing

To know how to improve and look after our emotional and mental wellbeing and to know how and where to access help support should we or someone we know need it.


  • Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training

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