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Balázs Szigeti

Languages: English, Hungarian

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Training Category Levels
Build your Presence Leadership, Soft Skills beginner

Balázs Szigeti, Ph.D. is an associate professor, and business presentation and debate trainer, teaching at two universities.

Professional experience

- University teaching career since 2008 (International Business School, University of Presov, Eötvös Loránd University)
- teaching training in six different countries (United Kingdom, Norway, France, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary)
- lecturer of business presentations and academic skills, module leader at International Business School, Budapest

Theatre related experience

- Ph.D. dissertation and several published articles about the various ways of staging Shakespearean drama
delivering presentations at Hungarian and international conferences about theatre
- directing plays for non-professional adults in Hungary and Australia,
studying performer techniques at dozens of street theatre festivals in six countries