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Build your Presence

by Balázs Szigeti

Languages: English, Hungarian

Price (from): €1 / day

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About the trainer:

Balázs Szigeti, Ph.D. is an associate professor, and business presentation and debate trainer, teaching at two universities.

Professional experience

- University teaching career since 2008 (International Business School, University of Presov, Eötvös Loránd University)
- teaching training in six different countries (United Kingdom, Norway, France, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary)
- lecturer of business presentations and academic skills, module leader at International Business School, Budapest

Theatre related experience

- Ph.D. dissertation and several published articles about the various ways of staging Shakespearean drama
delivering presentations at Hungarian and international conferences about theatre
- directing plays for non-professional adults in Hungary and Australia,
studying performer techniques at dozens of street theatre festivals in six countries


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Build your Presence by Balázs Szigeti

About the training

#communication   #presentation   #soft skills   #body language   #persuasive speech   #debate training

Build your Presence is a presentation, communication and debate training, which uses the techniques of the theatre in the skill development process. The theatre has always created its impact by combining meaning with the actors’ physical presence. Presentations and business communication, however, often focus too much on the meaning and neglect the aspect of presence, thus depriving the message of its powerful impact. The training is primarily based on techniques, strategies, and games taken from the professional theatre and redesigned for the needs of business professionals for successful persuasive communication.


The novelty of Build your Presence:


- innovative adaptation of theatre practice to business purposes

- focused improvement of communication skills

- transformation of presentation anxiety into performer energy

- mapping out techniques for maintaining attention with the aid of theatre practice

- a learning process built on games and practical situational exercises


Training offers the following packages:

- 2-4 hours (INTRODUCTION)
- 11-12 hours (ADVANCED STRUCTURE)
- Tailored training contents

 For most of the packages, a multiple-day organization is suggested for efficiency. Content and length can be modified upon request.

Learning outcomes


More efficient communication with colleagues, superiors or subordinates


Successful application of persuasion technique


Delivery of effective presentations, reports or motivational speeches


Successful and conflict-free communication with customers and consumers


  • INTRODUCTION TO SPEECH STRUCTURE: overview and use of basic structural elements

  • VERBAL EXPRESSION: rhetorical devices

  • DELIVERY TECHNIQUES: body language, conscious gesticulation, intonation, and vocal features

  • INTERACTION WITH THE AUDIENCE: evaluating audience needs, handling questions, maintaining attention


  • SLIDE DESIGN: strategies for designing effective PowerPoint slides that reinforce persuasive content

  • Tailored training contents

Main benefits

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