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Critical Thinking training

by Bethan Winn

Languages: English

Price (from): €450 / day

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About the trainer:

Bethan Winn is an experienced teacher, lecturer, and trainer with interests in Critical Thinking, effective communication, and science communication. She has spent 15 years designing and delivering interactive courses for students and adults, including those entering the postgraduate and undergraduate study at world-class universities and professionals in London and Perth.  She is fascinated by people, how our brains work and how our experiences shape us. She values community, sustainability, and fun and exercises these through involvement in parkrun, Repair Lab and transition town initiatives.


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Critical Thinking training by Bethan Winn

About the training

#critical thinking   #decision making   #effective communication   #feedback

In-house bespoke workshops for small groups up to 20 people - face to face in Perth, WA or online.

Are you a motivated individual seeking clarity and confidence in your thoughts and ideas? 

Do you want a better, "big picture", holistic thinking?

Do you want to argue persuasively and authoritatively for your viewpoints?

Do you want to work out your brain and stop mindless, unproductive multitasking? 

In today's busy world, full of distractions, it can be hard to really consider options carefully and reflect on our challenges. If we are constantly 'fire fighting', we are not developing our ideas or improving our mental processes. It zaps out creativity and leads to mistakes.

Critical Thinking is consistently listed in the top 3 skills sought by employers and in future leaders. Whether you choose private coaching or seek training through your employer or company for professional development, you will need to be motivated to change the way you think if you undertake this course.


Learning outcomes

Critical Thinking

Awareness, action and accountability to implement the new skills in that chosen area, leading to improved outcomes and working more aligned with personal and company values.


  • Decision making

  • Bias awareness

  • Creating positive habits

  • Encouraging thought diversity

  • Creating compelling arguments

  • Effective communication

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Creative problem solving

  • Critical Thinking in business, personal and academic contexts

  • Including slide deck, worksheets, curated reading, interactive activities designed for your needs and optional follow up for accountability.

Main benefits

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