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Stress Free Persuasion *Based on my Amazon Best-Selling Book by the same title.

by Brett Eric Bacon

Languages: English

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About the trainer:

Brett Bacon, Esq. is a bestselling author of business books. He is also a successful entrepreneur who started from scratch several successful businesses in real estate, health care, law, and business coaching.  He is also a licensed attorney-at-law, board-certified hearing specialist (Audioprosthologist), a veteran U.S. Army Judge Advocate General officer, business coach, and speaker.

Brett Bacon earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of New Hampshire, a Juris Doctorate Degree from Vermont Law School, a Master’s Degree in Government Procurement Law from George Washington University, graduated from the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s School Officer’s Course located at the University of Virginia, and is board certified as an Audioprosthologist by the American Conference of Audioprosthologists.  He has also attended executive-level business classes at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

He began his selling career thirty years ago, selling life insurance door to door, paying his way through his undergraduate degree and two law degrees by selling.  Brett Bacon developed his unique system of goal setting, business success, and stress-free persuasion by drawing upon the lessons he learned in direct sales of all types, trial attorney techniques of persuasion, and building from scratch successful businesses ranging from commercial real estate management to the practice of law to the operation of multiple hearing health care centers.

Brett Bacon is a featured co-author of the bestselling book, Wake Up…Live the Life You Love: In Service, © 2009.  Co-authors include Steven E, Lee Beard, Brian Tracy, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, and Ruben Gonzalez, among others. In 2009, he published his second bestseller Millionaire Selling Secrets.  This book was reprinted in its second bestselling, updated edition in 2013, and was also published as a bestselling audiobook in 2013.
He has been a member of the National Academy of Best Selling Authors since 2010.

In addition to his successful businesses, Brett Bacon is a speaker and has entertained audiences of Fortune 500 companies with his unique business perspective.  He also coaches individuals and groups in sales, entrepreneurship, marketing, and goal achievement.


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Stress Free Persuasion *Based on my Amazon Best-Selling Book by the same title. by Brett Eric Bacon

About the training

#sales presentations   #ask questions   #handle objections   #prevent burn-out   #winning strategy   #stress management   #goal setting

Part One of the training focuses on eliminating stress from your sales presentations. I begin at this micro-level because this is where the rubber meets the road for you—when you meet and present to your customer.

Part Two shows you how to avoid or eliminate sales slumps. This section is all about maintaining consistency in your sales revenues. Most sales professionals constantly swing like a pendulum between feast and famine. This is not for you. I will show you how to avoid sales slumps and if you are in a slump right now—how to break free from it and get back on track.

In Part Three I show you how to prevent burn-out in your sales career. If you are making your living as a sales professional, you are in a marathon. But most people in sales treat their career like a sprint—they make a mad dash at one customer after another, and then get exhausted and overwhelmed when they don’t succeed. I will teach you in Part Three how to avoid this common trap and to develop a long-term, winning strategy to keep you on track throughout your entire sales career.

Learning outcomes

Sales Presentations

Eliminating stress from your sales presentations.

Maintaining Consistency in revenue

Eliminate sales slumps.


How to prevent burn-out in your sales career.

Become a Winner

Develop a long-term, winning strategy to keep you on track throughout your entire sales career.



  • Eliminating Stress From Sales Presentations

  • Persuasion Is Not About Show And Tell

  • Be Yourself

  • Win the Heart of Your Customer First

  • Be Present—First Think Short-Term

  • Focus on Your Customer’s Needs

  • Ask Questions to Crush Stress

  • You Are a Trusted Advizor to Your Customer

  • How to Handle Objections Without Stress

  • Closing the Sale

  • Practice Ahead of Time— Role Playing


  • Avoid Slumps

  • Get Up Fast When You Are Knocked Down

  • Now Think Long-Term

  • Sell Forward, Not Backward

  • Allow Yourself Time to Improve

  • Take Total Responsibility for Your Results

  • The Power of Repetition

  • Market To Your Clan of 150

  • Build Your Personal Brand


  • Prevent Burnout

  • Find Passion for What You Sell

  • Get Organized

  • Fire Your Toxic Customers

  • Embrace Your Best Customers

  • Goal Setting

  • Dealing With the Stress of Falling Short Of Your Goals

  • Dealing With the Stress of Success

  • Value of Persistence

Main benefits

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