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Business Analytics using R and Python - (9 days, 6 hours daily)

by Caleb Terrel

Languages: Spanish

Price (from): €150 / day

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About the trainer:

Consulting Leader in Advanced Analytics, with more than six years of experience developing various predictive and descriptive models in Data Mining / Data Science / Machine Learning projects using international methodologies such as CRISP-DM, ASUM and / or FMDS. In addition, he is an independent trainer of courses such as Multivariate Analysis, Data Mining, Machine learning, among others using tools such as IBM SPSS, R and Python.
He has higher studies as a Marketing Specialist and Bach. in Statistical Engineering. He has two international certifications from IBM SPSS and others such as Data Science Methodology, Project Management, Credit Risk Models, Machine learning, Predictive Analytics, Regression, Neural Networks, Decision Trees, among others.




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Business Analytics using R and Python - (9 days, 6 hours daily) by Caleb Terrel

About the training

#Business Analytics   #Data Science   #Data Mining   #Machine Learning   #R   #Python

Companies are constantly looking to lead and be more competitive in the market by establishing correct business strategies based on the information they have about their processes and customers. Precisely, Data Analytics seeks to obtain relevant knowledge for the benefit of the business, through exploratory data analysis techniques, statistical models and machine learning. These courses will provide the participant with knowledge and methodologies to address Analytics / Data Science / Machine learning projects. The courses are based on the R and Python languages that are currently in great demand by companies that have areas of Statistics, Data Science, Analytics, Big Data, Predictive Modeling, Consulting, among others.

Learning outcomes

R and Python

Program in R and Python, using RStudio and Jupyter

Statistical analysis

Apply different types of statistical analysis (basic and multivariate) to interpret the data

Machine learning

Understand the purpose of applying machine learning models for business


  • COURSE I: Introduction to R and Python (18 hours)

  • COURSE II: Exploratory Data Analysis (18 hours)

  • COURSE III: Machine Learning (18 hours)

Main benefits

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