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Cristina Malita

Languages: English, Spanish, Romanian

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Training Category Levels
Building High-performing Teams HR, Leadership, Soft Skills Details
Influencing and Negotiation Masterclass HR, Leadership, Soft Skills Details

Cristina Maliţa is the founder and the lead coach at The Limitless Sky.

She is on a mission to empower the seekers and the high-achievers in organizations to lead with backbone and heart.

She has 7+ years of experience in leading digital teams (local, and fully-remote teams) across the globe towards exponential success. She believes that we’re at a time in history when we’re disrupting the old systems and paradigms about how we run businesses and teams.

She has undergone intensive coaching training in 2016 and since then has been coaching and facilitating individuals and teams into greater awareness, freedom, and a leadership style that creates exponential results.

Her work is based on psychological research, years of experience facilitating positive change and breakthroughs in coaching conversations, hands-on experience in leading training and masterclasses in organizations and on the wisdom that comes from her personal, professional, and spiritual journey.