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Building High-performing Teams

by Cristina Malita

Languages: English, Spanish, Romanian

Price (from): €1,979 / day

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About the trainer:

Cristina Maliţa is the founder and the lead coach at The Limitless Sky.

She is on a mission to empower the seekers and the high-achievers in organizations to lead with backbone and heart.

She has 7+ years of experience in leading digital teams (local, and fully-remote teams) across the globe towards exponential success. She believes that we’re at a time in history when we’re disrupting the old systems and paradigms about how we run businesses and teams.

She has undergone intensive coaching training in 2016 and since then has been coaching and facilitating individuals and teams into greater awareness, freedom, and a leadership style that creates exponential results.

Her work is based on psychological research, years of experience facilitating positive change and breakthroughs in coaching conversations, hands-on experience in leading training and masterclasses in organizations and on the wisdom that comes from her personal, professional, and spiritual journey.


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Building High-performing Teams by Cristina Malita

About the training

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Teams and workplaces are constantly evolving and becoming more complex, and companies need to adapt to this. In the last 10 years, the dynamics of teams has evolved in several significant ways including: ● Self-managed/collective leadership teams ● Cross-organizational collaboration ● Virtual/distributed/mobile teams ● Massive teams and “virtual communities” Many of today’s teams are a hybrid of two (or more) of the above which makes them even more challenging to establish and lead. Hence the need to revisit the ways you operate to successfully create and sustain high-performing teams in organizations. Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share. (Source: Gallup) Numerous people in managerial positions have not been trained in managerial and leadership skills, which makes things even harder for them. This oftentimes leads to disengaged team members or employees who leave the company because of poor management. This class is not classical training. This is a learning experience; an invitation to bring awareness to how the participants have been functioning in their role so that they can change things if they choose so.

Learning outcomes

Fresh Professional Knowledge

The participants will leave with new awarenesses, new tools, and the practical experience they need

Managing Teams

Manage more confidently and effectively sustain high performance and engagement personally, with each team member, and with their team as a whole

Tuckman’s 4-Step Team Development Model

Learn about Tuckman’s 4-Step Team Development Model and what it takes to move the team through the 4 steps (forming, storming, norming, and performing)

GROW Model - Coaching for Team Performance

Get familiarized with the GROW Model - Coaching for Team Performance

Mindset, Attitudes, and Behaviors

Improve their own mindset, attitudes, and behaviors in regard to the other team members and company stakeholders, etc.


  • A compelling vision

  • Driven by results

  • Support and recognition

  • Identifying individual strengths

  • Accountability

  • Creating a collaborative climate

  • Developing opportunities

  • Developing opportunities

  • Collaborating with other departments

  • Having strong leadership

  • Empowering each other

  • Learning from past experiences

Main benefits

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