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Coaching in Leadership

by Dagmar Kaloudova

Languages: Czech, English, Slovak

Price (from): €200 / day

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About the trainer:

I have been working in leadership for more than 12 years (in Czech and International Companies). Working as a Customer Service Lead, Risk and Operations Manager, Trainer and Mentor, I have experienced several styles of leadership in employee and managerial role. In various company cultures, I have experienced both, unsuccessful and successful leadership situations and started to be sure, that coaching in leadership is the right way to go.

After receiving the official certification and accreditation for Coaching, I have continued in Managerial role, actively cooperating with the Training & Development Department in my current company to develop an internal offer of training and started professionally personal coaching.


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Coaching in Leadership by Dagmar Kaloudova

About the training

#Modern and effective leadership   #Unlocking personal potential   #Self-motivated leaders and colleagues   #Greater ownership and responsibility of colleagues   #Development of self-awareness   #Motivation of your colleagues   #More efficient management of Top Talents and Underperformers   #Getting better results in less time   #Lower attrition   #Improvement of relationships

I am pleased to introduce a modern leadership style, focused on the efficient way of leadership - Coaching. As coaching is unlocking the people’s potential, the growth of competences is much faster in comparison with other leadership and personal development techniques. Nowadays, when changes are all around, I would like to prepare leaders to cooperate with colleagues in the most efficient and successful way. Thanks to special techniques, leaders learn how to have the trust of his team, inspire, motivate, delegate and provide people with constructive feedback. Thanks to specifically used techniques, all mentioned is aiming at the development of responsibilities and competencies of both – leaders and the team members. A high focus is on the developing and strengthening the leadership skills, best practice sharing, and individualized leader’s development process that builds a leader's capability to achieve short and long-term goals. The workshop can be held in one day, however, I would suggest 2 days to have more practical activities involved. Follow-up of the training (taking place usually in the upcoming 6 months) aims at the real examples from the daily work of participants from the first workshop. Taking into account the experience of the respective participants, the training is tailored to the specific needs of each respective company. Next to analyses and discussions about real situations, participants will learn more techniques to be used in their leadership. Follow up is highly recommended as all-new techniques need practice and feedback to be able to strengthen skills and competencies, gained during the first workshop. • Other training o Team Coaching o Relationship coaching o Individual Coaching (1:1) o More training to be confirmed The Fee to be confirmed based on No of participants and Place of the training.

Learning outcomes

Happier Employees

Leaders get to know their colleagues better – more trust, better relationships, self-motivated, Happy Employee & Happy Employer & Happy Customer

Faster Results

Goals are achieved faster, in better quality, in an innovative way

Individual Responsibility

People are easily taking responsibility – less work for the leader

Value of Feedback

People will be looking forward to the feedback process

Prevent Burn-out

The motivation of people, who you think are already burned-out will be returned.


  • Why Coaching in leadership

  • Coaching versus Mentoring

  • Self-Motivation

  • Power of Questions

  • Case studies

  • Methods for Coaching in Leadership

  • Feedback Process

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