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Communicate, Connect, Influence

by Dananjaya Hettiarachchi

Languages: English

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About the trainer:

Dananjaya is one of the most preferred motivational speakers today. With over 9,000 hours of stage time and speaking engagements across the globe, Dananjaya is known for his ability to connect with an International audience.

His main Keynote, titled; “Bring out the Champ in You” has received rave reviews across multiple corporate and public events around the world. It highlights five self-leadership lessons learned in the 10-year journey that Dananjaya took, to win the World Championship of Public Speaking in 2014. Participants can listen to an inspiring story of self-development and learn the practical and actionable steps one needs to carry out to achieve their ultimate goal.

The 90-minute keynote highlights the important aspects of development such as making small changes every day, how adversity can be used as a motivator and how being positive and surrounding yourself with the right people and the right environment can make the difference between reaching and missing your dream.

Also available as a 3 hour Seminar


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Communicate, Connect, Influence by Dananjaya Hettiarachchi

About the training

#allow emerging leaders to master Interpersonal communication and Influence   #develop client relationship management and communication competencies within teams   #help teams understand the are and science of communication and collaboration though proper communication practices   #build confidence and communicating capabilities of client facing teams

This training programme is designed to develop identified interpersonal communication competencies that would enable participants to develop client-centric communication. Manage interpersonal relationships, and enhance their influencing skills. The programme looks at five broad learning objectives that come together to form a system of communication an interpersonal behaviour that allows Leaders and teams to be more persuasive and assertive. This programme can be customized in Three specific ways. >> The programme is ideal for organizations and participants that need to maintain and manage high impact relationships with multiple stakeholders >> The programme can be customised to include relationship based selling and personal selling >> The Programme could Focus purely on leveraging interpersonal communication skills to increase communication and interpersonal relationship between team members

Learning outcomes

Build influence

Use Interpersonal communication to build trust and influence; directive communications and Influence to Pitch, Position and Promote products and Ideas; use specific strategies to Influence client outcomes; Six Principles of Influence

Customer relationships

Leverage Interpersonal Psychology to build rapport and build strong customer relationships.


Negotiate and Handle Objections effectively.


  • Type of training : Interpersonal communication & Influence

  • detailed program upon request

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