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Competency-based Performance and Goal setting

by Daniele Perchiazzi

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian

Price (from): €4,800 / day

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About the trainer:

The common denominator of my studies has always been, regardless of the macro or micro scale, the regeneration factor.
The possibility to manage personnel during my career as a manager has fomented my passion for people, their empowerment, their release from limiting beliefs aimed to achieve their professional goals.

My passion for people and the opportunity to manage them during my career in the luxury industry, galvanized my interest in people development, their empowerment and their release from limiting beliefs, in order to achieve their professional goals.

That is why I decided to dedicate my further studies to people development and have achieved full qualifications in the Hogan Assessment, DiSC, TKI, LDP, Spotlight and MBTI Practitioner (Oxford Psychology Press), Licensed NLP Trainer (The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming of Richard Bandler), Level 3 Award in Education and Training (QCF). I am also a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

"Working with people, for people" is my motto. For the beauty of regeneration, for the beauty of the Phoenix which shines again from its ashes.


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Competency-based Performance and Goal setting by Daniele Perchiazzi

About the training

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All organizations face the challenge of directing the energies of their employees to the task of achieving organizational goals and objectives. In doing so, organizations need to devise means to influence and channel the behavior of their employees so as to optimize their contributions.

Competency-Based Performance and Goal Setting constitutes one of the major management tools employed in this process. This is based on the premise that an individual’s performance in a job is improved by having definite goals, feedback about their performance, and is complemented by an appropriate recognition and reward system.



  • HR/OD Managers and others in charge of developing and implementing an effective competency-based Performance Management System.

2 days workshop

The workshop will be highly interactive, not only between the facilitator and the participants but, most importantly, between the participants self.

Real everyday situations will be analyzed together, with practical individual and group exercises, aiming to better know ours and other people’s preferences.

Flipchart and whiteboards will be used in the room, as well as Powerpoint slides.

Learning outcomes

Set Effective Goals

How to set effective goals for team members using a structured approach; Identify what makes a stretching and motivating goal

Strategic Goals

Create objectives that add value to the individual and the organization; Align their goals with the strategic plan for the organization

Goal-Setting Conversation

Confidently conduct the goal-setting conversation with team members


  • Day 1:

  • Overview of performance management

  • Designing the system

  • Goal setting

  • Planning performance

  • Performance monitoring

  • Day 2:

  • Developing the Employees

  • Capacity to Perform

  • Coaching mindset

  • Appraising performance

  • Rewarding and recognizing good performance

  • Action plan

Main benefits

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