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David Cole

Training Category Levels
Introduction to payments Finance Details
Advanced Payments and Technologies Finance Details
Issuing and Acquiring Finance Details
Fraud Prevention Finance Details
New Technologies, Mobile, Wallets, Faster Payments, Bitcoin and Blockchain Finance Details
EMV/EMV Migration Finance Details

David Cole has over thirty years of experience in cards, computing and management services.  He has excellent knowledge of applications in the credit, debit, salary, pre-paid and payment card industry.  Over the last twenty years, he has been involved heavily in the development strategic approaches to payment processing, mobile payments, remittances and the emergence of Smart Cards and the EMV standards, since launching the first EMV cards in 1997. 

He has become a leading exponent in the use of electronic payments across all market sectors, to exploit and utilize the opportunities the technology provides for expansion of the business into new sectors such as the unbanked, the efficiency of operation, and the drive to increased profits. He has developed strategies and implemented programs to support the use of all types of payment technology in many environments.