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Global Strategy

by David Luigi Fuschi

Languages: English

Price (from): €760 / day

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About the trainer:

David Fuschi, Expert in Project Management & Training, PMP, PRINCE2, CDPM, Chartered Manager (CMgr) & Engineer (CEng) with 20+ years of experience in Project Management.

A track record of over 100 projects completion (for over 300 million Euro), 12 projects rescued (for over 30 million Euro), and over 62 million Euro of acquired ones, over 250 projects worth several hundred million Euro assessed for several funding agencies, strong connection with industry and academia (over 140 industrial partners, 70 universities/research centers and 20 cultural institutions) and a professional network over 16K strong.


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Global Strategy by David Luigi Fuschi

About the training

#Strategy   #Analysing   #Innovation and Entrepreneurship   #Challenges   #Evaluation and selection

5 days

Covers the concepts and frameworks used in strategic decision making focusing on the global context and provides the necessary tools to undertake strategic management.


The course examines the changing environment of businesses and introduces appropriate tools for analyzing the opportunities and threats that are emerging. Different, and complementary, approaches to assessing strategic capability are developed. Analysis of the strategic position enables to properly evaluate available options and guide the choice of strategy. The emphasis is placed on enhancing the understanding and application of concepts in order to develop the ability to appreciate the role of strategy in the global context and improve the ability to contribute to strategic and international development.

Aims of the Module

The course aims to develop a critical and informed understanding of the internationalized business environment, provide a range of tools and concepts to assess the strategic position of business organizations, and improve the ability to evaluate and assess the nature of businesses operating internationally. It also aims to develop strategic thinking and vision that can be utilized in formulating strategies, evaluating options and implementing strategic decisions, develop critical and analytical skills that will enable to interpret complex business issues and understand their implications for functional areas of management and develop management skills and entrepreneurial decision-making abilities, which can be utilized in strategic management.

Content of the Module

This course focuses on company and organization strategic analysis and decision making in the context of changing industry structures, and the uncertain business environment in which organizations function, with a specific focus on challenges arising in the complex global arena. An evaluation of different approaches to strategy-making is explored in order to provide an informed and critical view of creative strategies.


This course is intended for those seeking to advance their understanding of strategic management and achieve better performance, better results, continuous development, and achieve a competitive advantage. This course is also the ideal course for advanced-level middle-managers who want to want to strengthen their skills, or desire to gain hands-on experience in core strategic management concepts.

Learning outcomes


Demonstrate a critical awareness of current issues in the field of strategic management and to apply such knowledge to a range of complex global business and market situations


Demonstrate the ability to acquire and analyze information to elaborate strategies; Demonstrate the ability to coherently communicate ideas and finding in an effective manner


Conduct systematic research into organizations and/or an industry taking account of the relevant internal and external contexts


Demonstrate creativity in the identification of new approaches and critically evaluate potential future strategies, considering opportunities


  • The scope and importance of strategic management models and the development of strategy in practice.

  • Role of the state and relationship with transnational corporations.

  • Analysing the business environment. PESTLE, Porter’s 5 forces, and strategic groups.

  • Analysing the strategic capability of the organisation. Value chain and core competences.

  • The basis of strategic choice. Generic strategy at the business unit level.

  • Corporate level strategy. Portfolio analysis.

  • Directions of strategic development – market penetration, market development, product development, vertical integration and diversification.

  • Methods of strategic development – internal development, joint ventures, strategic alliances, mergers and takeovers.

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

  • Implementation Issues in Strategy.

  • Understanding and developing challenges in global business.

  • Strategic evaluation and selection.

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