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The ultimate sales and acquisition training!

by Dirk Kreuter

Languages: German, English

Price (from): €300 / day

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About the trainer:

Dirk Kreuter, CSP - Certified Speaking Professional - is one of the most influential thought leaders in the areas of sales, sales and acquisition, both online and offline, has given inspiring lectures since 1990 and is the author of over 50 books & audiobooks. Dirk Kreuter is ... Sales trainer # 1 Adrenaline junkie Kitesurfers and standup paddlers Guest lecturer at several German universities World record holder for the largest sales training (Guinness Book of Records 2018) Market leader in Europe with well over 40,000 registrations for its "Sales Offensive" event in 2018 The podcast sales offensive with more than 450 episodes and over 10 million downloads has received multiple awards (Tiger Award 2017 & 2018) and is regularly placed in the iTunes Top10 YouTubers with more than 600 videos and almost 10 million views on YouTube Best-Selling Author its events and media are recommended by over 16,000 different sales and affiliate partners With the "Bestseller Training" he offers the most extensive online course in German on the topics of sales, leadership, mindset, and marketing Around 60 employees support him and his customers in the eccentric house in Bochum Top Consultant 2013/14/15 Speaker of the Year 2011 Trainer of the year 2010 happily married for the second time, two children, born in 1967 AUTHOR WITH OVER 50 PUBLICATIONS Dirk Kreuter is not just one of the most sought-after speakers in the German-speaking world. In more than 50 specialist books, DVDs and audiobooks, which are also available internationally, you will receive the know-how of the sales expert in a multimedia format.  In addition to the bestsellers, some of which have already been published in the 4th or 5th edition, you will always find new publications on current topics in this area. Dirk Kreuter's book "Sales Extreme" landed on Manager Magazine's bestseller list. His bestseller “Decision: Success” is also very successful and has been published over 200,000 times. "A SPEAKER WHO REALLY HAS SOMETHING TO SAY!" from Knowledge + Career 2012 With his direct style of presentation, his convincing rhetoric and vivid examples and metaphors, Dirk Kreuter knows how to clearly present even complex strategies, techniques, and relationships and make them generally understandable. With this ability, he manages to combine tried and tested content with motivating elements in an informative, humorous, entertaining and unique way. For the auditorium, he achieves a learning experience with many  AHA EFFECTS  and full  ATTENTION. After completing a commercial apprenticeship, he immediately took the step to become self-employed as a sales representative and thus gained his first practical experience in sales. “Working independently was important to me from an early age! I was also able to determine my success and my income myself. " In parallel, he began product-related sales training from 1991. “My products always required an explanation and also had a great need for advice later on when they were sold to the end customer. Without the appropriate specialist knowledge and well-thought-out reasoning technique, the sales success was only limited. That is why I always rely on the training of my customers. After that, the sales success was certain! " Expert in new customer acquisition ... ”, writes the trade magazine Business & Continuing Education. RTL  describes him as a "top sales trainer". The trade magazine Der Handel describes Dirk Kreuter as a "sales guru". The sales magazine acquis counts him among "... one of the leading sales trainers in Germany" and "... professional sales argument ..." is the title of the  Lebensmittel Zeitung . “… Bundled expert know-how…” confirms sales business and the entrepreneur magazine  Impulse describes him as a “sales professional ”. The trade magazine  Technical Trade confirms the "return on investment" for its statements. Dirk Kreuter is the author, co-author, and co-editor of over 50 specialist books, DVDs and audiobooks that have already been published in several countries. Today he imparts his marketing and sales knowledge as a motivating speaker at employee or customer events, kick-offs, congresses, events or conferences. The topics surrounding the acquisition of new customers in business customer contact are the focus of his lectures. Presentation languages :  German and English


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The ultimate sales and acquisition training! by Dirk Kreuter

About the training

Dirk Kreuter shows you everything that is possible in sales in this seminar. And at the same time reveals his very personal principles of success, which can be used across industries.

A seminar not just for salespeople

For people who strive for more sales, more profit, more time, more freedom and more independence!

"Life is a sales talk" - say America. Life is a sales pitch, whether you're single and looking for a partner. Whether you want to make a career as an employee, have founded a start-up and are looking for investors, top employees and new customers - we always sell! 

As a manager, you sell your goals, your visions. Your employees don't just come for the money. Selling is targeted communication. And you will learn that like nowhere else in these three days. You are a seller, sales representative, telephone seller, sales representative, sales manager, self-employed or entrepreneur. The seminar is for everyone who wants to grow above average.


  • Successful phone acquisition

  • How you can really get to your customer's table: Success strategies in telephone acquisition

  • The right formulations on the phone: You will create your own, individual phone script together with Dirk Kreuter

  • How to get past the information, the assistant and the anteroom: the best formulations, tips and tricks for the interceptor

  • Determine decision-makers: Who are you doing business with? Hans or Hänschen?

  • The best answers to the question: "What is it about?"

  • Overcoming objections and objections confidently: Quick-wittedness is a matter of training - conversation techniques with which you always have the last word on objections and objections

  • Secure the appointment: the purchase confirmation

  • Optimally prepared: This is how you use XING intelligently in telephone acquisition

  • The optimal preparation for a first contact or a customer visit - who does not prepare, just embarrasses himself

  • The right wording - so you convince everyone

  • I know what you're afraid of: the principle of "Spiritual Arson®"

  • CRM, web research, etiquette when visiting customers

  • The best way to start a conversation on the phone or the welcome ritual on the first visit

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