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don mcgrath

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From Informing to Influencing: Create Technical Experts Who Influence Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Soft Skills intermediate

Dr. Don McGrath has a unique background that has enabled him to create the From Informing to Influencing: Create Technical Experts Who Influence workshop. He spent nearly thirty years as an engineer and senior leader in Fortune 500 companies, where he led large engineering teams. During that period, he gave thousands of presentations ranging from technical talks at conferences to business presentations to General Managers and CEOs, and everything in between.

Dr. McGrath also developed an interest in writing and authored six books, four of which were best-sellers. Through his journey as an author, he studied public speaking from some of the world’s top speakers including Les Brown. During this time, he became a highly skilled speaker and won awards for his several of his talks.

He has combined all that he has learned about presenting and speaking into this workshop aimed at making technical staff more effective in influencing their audiences. He recalls how it seemed like every time there was a big presentation to upper management or customers, either he or only one or two technical staff were entrusted to do so. The stakes are high and can’t be trusted to just anyone. The problem wasn’t one of technical knowledge, after all he typically wasn’t the expert. It boiled down to how the information was presented. How he wished he could have had ten more technical staff members to share the load. Now you can!