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Business Communication Training

by Dora Padla

Languages: English, Spanish, Hungarian

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About the trainer:

Experienced Coach and Trainer with a solid history of working in multinational work environments and with private clients as well. With the 8 years of leadership and training experience in companies such as Diageo, British Petroleum and General Electric, she helps team members and leadership members as well in order to achieve their personal and company goals. Her motivating energy and dedication for improving people and organizations is a key value in all coaching and training sessions she delivers.


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Business Communication Training by Dora Padla

About the training

#Improve your employees to improve customer experience   #Better communication is better reputation for the company   #Engage your colleagues by developing their communication skills   #Engage your colleagues by developing their communication skills

In a multinational company environment, people can face various issues during their daily work regarding communication with their internal colleagues and external customers as well. On the one hand, team members can experience that they are not able to handle difficult situations effectively, with a long-term positive result. On the other hand, Leaders can see that their teams are not fulfilling the requirements in a satisfying way for the job, however, they have no capacity to manage the soft skills of their people. The Business Communication Training aims to provide knowledge, support, hints, and tips for those people who would like to improve their written and verbal communication skills for their daily work. It focuses on the positive communication which will allow them to ensure that their message is well received by their colleagues or customers, trust is built and fruitful future cooperation can be established. During the training, the attendees can practice how to handle difficult customers and build in the new knowledge received on the spot. It also covers sections about how to say no to our contacts in a proper way and how to give and receive feedback within the company in order to improve ourselves and others. Given that these days most companies work globally with a variety of different cultures the training also provides an insight in the multicultural awareness and communication.

Learning outcomes

Better Customer Experience

Through the attendees improving their positive communication

Through the attendees improving their positive communication

Even in difficult cases, with difficult customers, the attendees will be able to handle issues with success

Increased awareness of intercultural communication

Participants will have a better understanding of the cultural differences and how to manage them during their daily work


  • Identifying customers and their needs

  • Getting familiar with the customer management principles

  • Exercises on turning negative communication into positive

  • Managing difficult customers

  • Focusing on importance of giving and receiving feedback

  • Multicultural awareness section for bringing closer the appreciation and handling of cultural differences in their daily work

Main benefits

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