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Giving and Receiving Feedback Training

by Dora Padla

Languages: English, Spanish, Hungarian

Price (from): €1,998 / day

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About the trainer:

Experienced Coach and Trainer with a solid history of working in multinational work environments and with private clients as well. With the 8 years of leadership and training experience in companies such as Diageo, British Petroleum and General Electric, she helps team members and leadership members as well in order to achieve their personal and company goals. Her motivating energy and dedication for developing people and organizations is a key value in all coaching and training sessions she delivers.


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Giving and Receiving Feedback Training by Dora Padla

About the training

1-day training:

•Importance of giving and receiving feedback

•Presenting the structure of a balanced feedback

•Participants practicing feedback giving and receiving

•Importance of compliments

•Getting a quick insight of different personality types and how they should receive feedback

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