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Getting to Know Your Team and Yourself

by Ece Agabeyoglu

Languages: English, Turkish

Price (from): €900 / day

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About the trainer:

After working in the insurance and banking industries responsible for sales, underwriting, financial risk analysis, training, and development for many years, I found my main interest area: people in work life.

I studied Organizational Psychology which focuses on organizations’ development through their most valuable asset, people.

Since 2010, I’m delivering training to corporate employees in the area of soft skills. Since 2018, I also became a Career and Team Coach, eager to support professionals in their pursuit of meaning in work and job satisfaction.


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Getting to Know Your Team and Yourself by Ece Agabeyoglu

About the training

#communicationstyles   #selfawareness   #teameffectiveness   #knowyourteam

Goals, culture, personal styles affect the way people behave in a work setting. We all have adopted a workplace version of our own selves. What if people were able to see each other in an unbiased and realistic way? Using the outcomes of such a perception increases the effectiveness of teams. This training focuses on the importance of knowing people and ourselves in the workplace, questions the benefits of looking closer at people and ourselves in an objective way.

Learning outcomes

Team Perspective

Realize how we see our team and how others see us

Discover Prejudice

Defining the reasons and outcomes of prejudice

Improve Yourself


Build Trust

Understand the importance of building trust

Communication Styles

Realizing different communication styles and how to approach certain profiles for effective relationships and work results

Conflict-handling Strategies

Knowing different conflict-handling strategies and using this information when needed


  • Knowing people

  • Framing according to work setting

  • Handling prejudice

  • Relationship between trust and getting to know people

  • Knowing ourselves

  • Personality and behaviors

  • Different behavioral profiles and possible effects to work results

Main benefits

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