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Engin Eser

Languages: German, English, Turkish

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Mastering Growth Hacking - Sustainable Growth for your Business - the whole Customer Life Journey incl. Brand Building, Content Marketing, Lead Generation & Social Selling Other beginner

Are you an Company that wants sustainable growth or existence? Do you also burn for what you do? I am firmly convinced that sustainable growth or existence will only be possible if the status quo challenged, communication gaps between End- Users, IT departments and solution providers are closed, so that fears are minimized, change is promoted and internal culture change will be enabled. To see others grow successfully through my work is what I am passionate about. In order to make that possible, I proceed strategically and conceptually. Because based on my own experience with challenges, I always see solutions in them. Engin the CEO of engin.E Marketing, has gained a lot of experience and knowledge in a wide variety of areas such as business management, various service industries, web development and online marketing. Several pages were developed by him, top knowledge in customer service, self-developed digital information products and also this grown. This is how engin.E Marketing emerged as an innovative company providing help and solutions that enable companies to successfully grow their businesses through Growth Hacking. I knows as a hybrid of business development and IT how to see both sides and to communicate.