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Title: Human Centered Leadership (Online Course with a Mentor)

by Enikö Balint

Languages: German, English, Hungarian

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About the trainer:

Working over 10 years with large international corporations and startups, Enikö has a deep understanding of the challenges, companies face in the digital world. Due to her technical background as a software developer and management experience as a team leader of 22, in her current consulting activities, she builds a bridge between technology and people. In 2015 she founded betel, an innovation consulting company to support organizations in becoming agile and therefore adaptive to market changes. She consults companies in the following topics with a holistic approach: digitalization strategy, IT architectures, new organizational models, company culture and leadership. She majored in Computer Science and she is a trained Design Thinking facilitator.


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Title: Human Centered Leadership (Online Course with a Mentor) by Enikö Balint

About the training

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In the age of knowledge workers and new generations, it is crucial for leaders to possess the so-called “human skills”. People are not motivated by money at their workplace anymore, they resist authorities and want authority themselves. It gets harder and harder for companies to find and keep talent. A paradigm shift in leadership is necessary for more cooperative organizational forms. Many companies and leaders have already adopted such structures and practices to use the collective knowledge and creativity. To stay on the cutting edge and keep the market advantage, this transformation is essential for every enterprise. However, it involves a big shift from both the manager’s as well as from the employee’s point of view. This is why our experienced mentors are here to assist you during this learning journey. This online course is a unique opportunity for leaders all around the world to try a new alternative to traditional organizations. It is for current or future leaders who want to create a human-centered company/team culture. This course is for you if you want to have motivated employees and shared responsibility. If you want your team to utilize its full potential and want to look at team members as equal partners rather than employees. This is an online course suitable for individuals as well as for teams. During the 3 months, you will learn about the principles of a human-centered organization and you will apply the knowledge in your own company. You will have support from an experienced mentor and from your peers. At the end of the course, you will be able to understand how to set up a high performing human-centered team. There are two ways to absolve the course: with a team from the same company or together with leaders from other companies. It is important to work in a team to be able to apply the learned skills immediately and in a safe space.

Learning outcomes

Personal and organizational assessment

At the beginning and at the end you will have an assessment to determine where you stand with your organization and your leadership role. The assessment at the end will show you the changes and progress within the last 3 months

Leadership trends, future of work

How do other companies do it, what are the newest trends in terms of organizational development, team culture and leadership? You will hear about real case studies and good practices.


What is self-organization and why is it for me? How can I set up a self-organizing company? How do I make sure people don't use the system? What are the advantages and disadvantages, how to start the transformation?

Company culture

Having an environment, where people can thrive is essential. We spend a considerate amount of our times at work, so work has a huge impact upon our whole life. Having an explicit company culture also helps at recruiting.


  • Own motivation and leadership style

  • Vision / mission of my team

  • Goals, OKR (Objectives and Key Results)

  • Roles and organizational structure

  • New trends, future of work

  • Selforganization

  • Values and team culture (learning, failure, feedback, communication etc.)

  • Virtual teams

Main benefits

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