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Negotiation and Influencing skills

by Francois E. Aubert

Languages: English, French

Price (from): €2,750 / day

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About the trainer:

François E. Aubert is a consultant, business coach, speaker, trainer and lecturer (Trinity College Dublin). His consulting and training expertise comes from 30 years dealing with leaders, entrepreneurs, families and companies in over 50 countries in Europe, Middle East (including the Persian Gulf), Africa, Americas, and Asia combined with a solid educational background. He holds an MBA from the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and is a Certified Financial Analyst and Portfolio Manager (CEFA), CAIA charter-holder, TEP (Registered Trust and Estate Practitioner), Certified Trainer (Swiss Federal Certificate), Certified Business Coach, NLP, and Belbin Certified Practitioner.


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Negotiation and Influencing skills by Francois E. Aubert

About the training

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2 days

This course is designed to help service providers improving their negotiation skills with their clients and any other counterparty. It is built around very practical case studies and role-plays covering the most common situations they are facing on a regular basis. And it is focussing on service delivery. At the end of this workshop, participants will have practical tools so they can apply immediately what they’ve learned upon their return to the office.


A mixture of formal presentations, exercises, classroom discussions, and case studies, implying a lot of interactivity. Case studies are reflecting various real-life business situations, allowing participants to improve their skills during and most importantly after the course.

Learning outcomes


Know the steps of the negotiation process; Understand the basic rules of negotiation; Appreciate the negotiation environment in services industries


Know how to prepare a negotiation; Be able to run a negotiation; Know the laws of influencing


Adapt to negotiation styles; Understand the personality and power in negotiation; Know how to deal with a difficult negotiator


Manage the ploys; Deal with conflictual situations; Be able to close a deal


  • Day One:

  • Introduction

  • Case study

  • The negotiation process

  • Dilemma game

  • Case study

  • Personalities in negotiation

  • Day Two:

  • The fees game

  • The negotiation environment

  • Managing the ploys

  • Conflict Management & Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Ethical Persuasion

  • Closing a deal

  • Future Pacing

  • Workshop conclusion and farewell

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