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by Frank De Munter

Languages: English, French, Dutch

Price (from): €1,200 / day

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About the trainer:

•    I have been providing training since 1987 mainly in Human Communications; including sales, meetings, presentations, conflict management, assertiveness, Appreciative Inquiry, EFT, media training (body language, voice training, and presentation), soft skills.

•    Coaching highly educated starters with tips & tricks to ensure rapid productivity, “What they don’t (and still don’t) teach you at Harvard Business School”.

•    Coaching managers on managing their staff in the field or on the work floor.
•    Happiness and fulfillment at work.
•    Coaching children with behavioral and/or learning difficulties.
•    Coaching athletes & students.
•    Coaching small SMEs in optimizing return


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About the training

#identifying the key problems   #analyzing the causes   #analyzing solutions   #developing an action plan   #discovery and valuing   #envisioning   #dialogue   #co-constructing the future

Appreciative Inquiry is an approach to organizational analysis and learning that is uniquely intended for discovering, understanding, and fostering innovations in social-organizational arrangements and processes. Appreciative Inquiry refers to both a search for knowledge and a theory of intentional collective action which are designed to evolve the vision and will of a group, organization or society as a whole. It is an inquiry process that affirms our symbolic capacities of imagination and mind as well as our social capacity for conscious choice and cultural evolution. The art of appreciation is the art of discovering and valuing those factors that give life to an organization or group. The process involves interviewing and storytelling to draw the best of the past to set the stage for effective visualization of what might be. PERSPECTIVES: 1. Inquiry into "the art of the possible" in organizational life should begin with appreciation. 2. Inquiry into what's possible should be applicable. 3. Inquiry into what's possible should be provocative. 4. Inquiry into the human potential of organizational life should be collaborative.

Learning outcomes

Clarify roles and responsibilities

This workshop is important for clarifying roles and responsibilities as members move in and out of different project teams.

Share experiences

In this workshop, participants will share their experiences of working in a successful team.

Identify the strengths

The participants will identify the strengths of their own contributions and the contributions of others.

Strengthen the team.

The participants will co-create ways forward, building on their existing strengths to design ways they can further strengthen the existing team.


  • Focus 1—Stories of High-Performing Teams (40’)

  • Paired interviews

  • Focus 2—Further Strengthening Our Team (60’)

  • Interview Pairs Combine to Form Groups of Four or Six

  • Focus 3—Dream Team (55’)

  • Small Creative Group Work

  • Focus 4—Design and Destiny (25’)

  • Individual Reflection and Facilitated Debriefing

Main benefits

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