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Performance Coaching

by Frank Steenhuizen

Languages: English, Dutch

Price (from): €3,600 / day

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About the trainer:

Frank supports companies with human and organisational development issues in the areas of management, human resources, sales, communication and cooperation. 

He has designed and delivered over hundreds highly interactive training days & coaching sessions for companies like PriceWaterhouseCoopers, ING, Rabobank, Mazda, Hyundai, Q-Park, Zimmer Biomet, Bastion Hotels.

Entrepreneur and partner at The Up Company. Is a trainer and coach for more than 15 years. Often on themes such as personal effectiveness, customer focus, communicating more effectively, making choices from a different behavioural style, improving assertiveness, etc. 

His motto is: the training or coaching is only meaningful if the desired behaviour is then created and permanently applied. 


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Performance Coaching by Frank Steenhuizen

About the training

#Effectiveness   #High Performance   #Coaching   #Increased Productivity   #Motivation   #Collaboration   #Improved Management Skills

This training has been developed for coaches and managers who are responsible for coaching employees on attitude and behaviour. A popular definition of coaching is: "Doing that which causes another person to move of their own free will". After attending this training you can set others in motion faster after 1:1 conversations.

Learning outcomes


Participants learn: 1. More effective coaching, aimed at the development of the other person 2. In addition to content, also influence the process, which greatly improves the efficiency of conversations


3. Grips to use to conduct professional coaching conversations 4. Easy to respond to different coaching situations

Learning outcomes

Other advantages are: 5. The trainer adapts the training to your own organization/branch 6. You bring in questions and cases from your own practice


  • Objective Practice shows that one-on-one coaching and motivating a team leads to better and lasting results. This training ensures a higher return from one-to-one conversations with the employees. A good coach is able to let the other person learn, by cr

  • - The difference between coaching and leadership - The various forms of coaching - Starting from the central coaching question - What do you coach on and how? How do you build a professional coaching? - Connecting, listening and reflecting - How do you

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