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Customer Focused Management

by Fred Mills

Languages: English

Price (from): €1,000 / day

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About the trainer:

Fred is a Senior Consultant of 30 years’ standing specialising in Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Key and Global Account Management

He obtained his B.Sc Honours Degree from Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK. and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Degree from the Lancashire Business School in Preston, UK.  He also holds the Diploma of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Fred ran a multi million dollar business in the Pharmaceutical Industry for many years before setting up as a Consultant.  In the intervening years he has worked with a number of ‘Blue-Chip’ companies including Mars/Masterfoods, Pfizer and GSK.

As a trainer and Consultant, Fred worked for three years with Europe’s foremost writers and thinkers in Key Account Management, Peter Cheverton and Prof. Malcolm McDonald where he was tasked with creating practical tools and strategies for the execution of their writings into best practices in many industries.


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Customer Focused Management by Fred Mills

About the training

#Improved management performance   #Improved management performance   #Provide world-class service   #Productive and streamlined customer service operation   #Focused and motivated customer service leadership   #Increased customer retention and revenue growth   #Increased customer retention and revenue growth

The rise of the Internet, of price-comparison websites, Peer-review websites and especially Social Media has transformed the business environment globally. Traditional points of differentiation have been eroded by search, tap and click. Social Media and peer-review have combined to drive the customer experience as the primary arbiter of strategic differentiation. To win under these new rules, organisations have no choice but to become truly customer focused. A customer-focused organisation is grounded in the belief that long-term success depends on a commitment to customer satisfaction throughout the entire organisation. This training programme focuses on what it takes to build the culture, the processes and the relationships that will lead to long-term growth and financial sustainability. Leaders are role models in planning, communication, coaching and employee recognition. Their efforts result in increased employee loyalty, greater innovation and improved customer satisfaction. This Customer Focused Management training course covers customer service management responsibilities, from the most fundamental tasks of hiring, training, coaching and teambuilding to quality assurance and leadership skills. This challenging and highly participative programme will focus on creating and managing effective teams, dealing with difficult customers, understanding behavioural styles and proven leadership strategies.

Learning outcomes

Improve productivness

A more productive and streamlined customer service operation

Customer service leadership

Focused and motivated customer service leadership

Retention and revenue growth

Increased customer retention and revenue growth

Reduced turnover

Reduced personnel turnover and increased teamwork

Better departmental communication

Improved intra / inter departmental communication

Improved communication skills

Increased communication abilities and interpersonal skills

Improved management performance

Improved management performance by learning techniques to empower, motivate and retain customer service personnel

Career advancement

Enhanced leadership and communication skills required for career advancement

Increased confidence

Increased confidence in their abilities to work professionally with difficult or upset customers

Learn to adjust their own temperament

The insight to adjust their own temperament style to become more versatile, adaptable and highly successful

World-class service

Up to date techniques and methods to help them provide world-class service

Using the Social Media

A thorough grounding in how to use Social Media to engage with clients and drive productive dialogue around the organisations products or services.


  • Day 1: Creating a Customer-Focused Organisation

  • Day 2: Enhancing Leadership and Interpersonal Communication Skills

  • Day 3: Setting Customer Service Policies and Performance Standards

  • Day 4:Building High-Performance Teams and Motivating Individuals

  • Day 5: Leading the Way to Superior Customer Service

Main benefits

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