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Essential Negotiation Skills Training Course

by Gary Gorman

Languages: English

Price (from): €1 / day

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About the trainer:

I specialize in helping sales teams become better at:

★ Improving profitability by sharpening up their negotiation skills enabling them to not just get an agreement but get the best agreement available. Of course, this is not always easy when dealing with a customer you can’t afford to lose!

★ Growing sales by improving their persuasive and consultative selling skills.

★ Presenting new sales ideas, new products, and new initiatives either across a desk or in a larger meeting or conference setting.

★ Managing the customer relationship enabling them to work more closely in a mutually beneficial and profitable way.

I work mainly with UK businesses, but also help overseas teams particularly in the Middle East.

Specialties include Sales Training, Negotiation Training, Sales Team Training, Negotiation Specialist, Negotiation Expert, Sales Expert, Sales Team Development, Negotiation.


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Essential Negotiation Skills Training Course by Gary Gorman

About the training


Duration: Two Days “In house” or as an open public course

Delegates: 8

Typical delegate profile: Someone in either a buying or selling role who is currently negotiating with suppliers, customers, sub-contractors or committees and not maximizing the trading relationship and business opportunities.


  • This is my flagship negotiation training workshop and is a true ‘roll your sleeves up’ session packed with case studies and facilitated practice sessions.
  • There’s a large emphasis on ‘learning by doing’ with facilitated exercises using handouts, flipcharts, learning discussions and minimal Powerpoint!
  • Using a number of industry based case studies delegates learn how to become skilled negotiators. They practice a range of behavioral skills by haggling over a finite sum, then successfully valuing and trading variables, and finally dealing with more complex, collaborative partnership negotiations.
  • They alternate between a ‘seller’ role and a ‘buyer’ role, to help them understand both perspectives better.




Learning outcomes


The good habits, individual rights, and behaviors of the skilled negotiator; The huge importance of preparation….. both of their own position and the other party’s; How to avoid deadlock.


How to trade concessions (or variables) firmly, conditionally and profitably; The four different roles in negotiation. These are all practiced on the course.


How to get not just any deal but the best deal available yet still protect the ongoing trading relationship; How to keep track of the money! Negotiation is not about winning or losing, but about where the money is!


How to successfully manage stress in negotiation and become ‘comfortable feeling uncomfortable’; Two of the individual negotiations are recorded for live group feedback so that all delegates can observe their own negotiation style, strengths and development areas, and that of others. This is the bit where they normally squirm with embarrassment but afterward tell me was one of the most useful course elements.

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