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Gary Tyne

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Root Cause Analysis Health and Safety Details

Gary has been in the field of maintenance and reliability for the past 33 years. He is experienced working with clients in a wide range of industries on sizable and complex reliability projects. Some of his areas of expertise include: maintenance strategy development, reliability centred maintenance, system availability, reliability implementation programs, and Root Cause Analysis training and facilitation. Gary’s exposure to Root Cause Analysis began in 2001 when he took a two-day Root Cause Analysis facilitators course in New Zealand. Following this, Gary applied these techniques with repeated success on a number of plant problems at the Shell Kapuni plant. As well as delivering training in Root Cause Analysis, Gary has facilitated globally on some major issues which includes: • The elimination of a premature valve failure on a well site with $75000 saving • The elimination of a light curtain trip which was costing $1.7 million per year in lost production – cost of solution = $34,000 • The elimination of a calciner seal problem which had cost £500,000 over a two-year period. The solution was a redesigned seal that eliminated all previous issues • The elimination of 22 pump failures costing £392,000. Solution identified and provided a three-month payback • A full RCA investigation into an offshore fire pump failure that had resulted in six weeks lost production