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Company Course Dutch Language

by Gertie Thiesen

Languages: German, English, Dutch

Price (from): €1,650 / day

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About the trainer:

Nobody knows the differences between the Netherlands and Germany as precisely as the people who grew up in the border region. Like Gertie Thiesen, who grew up in the Venlo area - in the immediate vicinity of her neighbor Germany. She comes from an entrepreneurial family who have been active in the hotel and tourist industry for years. As a child, she met many people from both sides of the border. Gertie Thiesen, who first lived in Tilburg, then professionally in beautiful Amsterdam and moved to the Rhine metropolis Düsseldorf in 2001, may, therefore, have become the border between the two countries. She still lives in the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia and is therefore the perfect intermediary between the Netherlands and Germany. Gertie Thiesen wants to pass on her experience and knowledge and you always find a competent contact person in her. As a language and culture trainer, since 2010 she has also been helping Germans who want to settle in the Netherlands. She works for companies such as alltours, Tata steel, Segro, and EY-Deutschland. Gertie Thiesen treats every customer individually and personally. She not only learns the language, but she also offers her help when it comes to the cultural specifics of each country.


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Company Course Dutch Language by Gertie Thiesen

About the training

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Get in touch with the Dutch!!

Maybe you have new business contacts in the Netherlands and business is developing satisfactorily - wouldn't it be nice if you and your employees could talk to the new business partners in their native language? During a visit to the Netherlands, it always makes a good impression to have a conversation in Dutch. With this, you show your business partner that he or she is highly appreciated. If you have a lot to do with Dutch companies and want to make your employees fit for their national language, then we would be happy to visit your company. The language lessons take place according to your wishes in intensive individual courses or in group courses. We design the lessons according to your personal wishes and ideas. We are happy to provide you with a personal interview.

Learning outcomes


Language level A0-A1 / A2; Grammar: presens, perfectum, imperfectum


Structure and expansion of the basic vocabulary


Communication in a simple and advanced way


Understand simple and complex texts; Manners and cultural differences in dealing with customers


  • The pronounciation

  • Greeting

  • Small talk

  • Interest

  • Motivation

  • Do's and don'ts

  • Who what where why

  • Easily Dutch

  • Corporate Culture

  • Own experiences

Main benefits

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