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Critical Thinking and Decision Making

by Giulia Bavagnoli

Languages: English, French, Italian

Price (from): €1,500 / day

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About the trainer:

After concluding the NLP (Neuro Linguist Programming) master practitioner, I specialized in training design and used the acquired skills in my work for a global medical device company where I developed the Critical Thinking training, together with 2 colleagues. I have been giving this training for 3 years with excellent results. I have also a 6-year experience in Creative Problem Solving and Facilitation. On the side, I have been offering NLP training on demand for the NLPNL Belgium association. My passion resides in the human being and all the ways to improve the process of achieving our objectives. This can be at an individual level or at a systemic level.


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Critical Thinking and Decision Making by Giulia Bavagnoli

About the training

#critical thinking   #decision making

As human beings, we make decisions all the time. The decision processes we use are multiple, we can be aware of them or not. Or we can be aware of some parts of the process and unaware of others. Our brain is easily fooled because it evolved to keep us alive and not to deal with the complex reality of the current human civilization. Cognitive traps, heuristics, and group dynamics influence and hinder our decision capabilities. We might think we reached a very logical conclusion, but most of the time we don’t even know how we got there.

This course is designed to transmit knowledge and skills to overcome the shortcomings of our brains, to become aware of our internal processes and to provide insights and tools for better decision making.

The course is very interactive. I am convinced that the learning process goes through the first-hand experience and I designed the course to have a very practical approach to every topic included. To this purpose, the participant number is limited to 20.

Also, because the approach is very practical, I recommend having a short preparation before the training itself, so that I can tailor the training to the specific client needs. For instance, building a customized case study.

Main benefits:

  1. Awareness of cognitive traps and heuristics
  2. Knowledge of group dynamics and how to use them
  3. Improved decision-making
  4. Prevention of issues before they happen

Learning outcomes

Be more objective in the analysis of incoming information

The participants will be familiar with the most frequent cognitive biases and will be given tools to analyze the information needed in the decision-making process.

Be able to avoid common thinking mistakes

The participants will be exposed to the most common thinking shortcuts (heuristics) and taught how to avoid them.

Deep knowledge of the ideal decision-making process

The participants will get a better understanding of the elements participating in the decision-making process and will be equipped with skills and tools for a better decision making.

Optimization of team interactions

The participants will learn how group dynamics can dysfunction, leading to suboptimal results when working in a team. They will also learn how functional group dynamics can significantly enhance the performance of a team to achieve their goals.


  • A definition of Critical Thinking

  • Frames of reference

  • Cognitive biases, heuristics, fast and slow thinking

  • Group dynamics, functional and dysfunctional

  • Decision making: 3 essential elements

  • Decision making tools

  • Case study

Main benefits

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