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Open API Strategy and monetization. Convert your business values to monetized APIs

by Guðmundur Jón Halldórsson

Languages: English, Icelandic

Price (from): €4,800 / day

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About the trainer:

In today’s digital era, CIO is stared to learn the true value of the ability to push changes through the pipelines fast but at the same time while delivering business value deliver technology value. If the company’s core engine (your teams + CI) are not optimized correctly your will face higher maintain cost and the ratio between the number of developers in your maintainer's team vs the number of developers in the new business value will cause your company not being able to compete with your competitors.

Often the requirements are misunderstood caused by the absence of a framework for working together. This problem caused customers to move over to their competitors. Our approach is to simplify rollouts and allow changes to be tried as early in the process as possible even in the wireframe phase.


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Open API Strategy and monetization. Convert your business values to monetized APIs by Guðmundur Jón Halldórsson

About the training

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The rise of the APIs (application programming interface) represents a business opportunity and a technical challenge. For company leaders, APIs present the opportunity to open new revenue streams and grow customer value. In today’s triple-A [always-on, always-connected, always-engaged] world companies are competing in service offering using digital channels. Setting up an Open API strategy is important for companies wanting to plan for the API economy either as a provider, consumer or both. The ability to monetization and monitors the APIs is an important part of business operations.

Understand the possibilities that digital products like APIs will bring with the right monetization strategy will open up new revenue streams. Integration with partners through APIs is more and more important part of any partnership. Application modernization is when data or functionality is shared from legacy systems allowing “modern” applications to utilize existing business value. Develop a Successful API strategy will boost the speed of innovation both inhouse and for your partners.

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