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Herdis Pala Palsdottir

Languages: English, Icelandic

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WHO AM I? A professional and a person; equally excited about my work and my life. Always doing my best to improve and develop my profession, applying best practices and acquiring and sharing knowledge. Viewed as a leader in my field of expertize. Articles I write are regularly published in business magazines and newspapers. I have excellent communication skills and I´m good with people, motivating them and holding them to their highest standards. For years my management-score, based on the answers of my subordinates, has been high. For the last 4 years it has been 4,49 on average, on the scale of 1-5. The feedback I have received through 360° reviews (based on answers of my subordinates, colleagues, coworkers and my boss) has also been very positive. I have mostly worked in HR management since the year of 2000, but also in Marketing and Operations. In the last +/- 10 years I have given 25-60 presentations and lectures a year; largest audience yet was about 300 people. I have done presentations, lecturing, corporate training, executive coaching and business consulting with many organizations, to name a few: • Disrupt HR London • Inform Slovakia • Central Bank of Iceland • GlaxoSmithKline in Iceland • Reykjavík Metropolitan Police • City of Reykjavik • Síminn TeleCom WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: Real experience, from practicing what I preach. In my work and with my clients I use my 18 years´ experience from the corporate world, my MBA, my international certification as a coach and more, to find ways to improve performance at work, and at the same time engagement and workplace-wellbeing.