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Emotional Intelligence

by Iryna Mykhailova

Languages: English, Russian

Price (from): €12,000 / day

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About the trainer:

I have been working as a Learning and Development Specialist and Professional Coach since 2008. As well, I have been working as Human Capital Manager and Business Consultant. For my client companies I provided bespoke programs and training for HR, Recruiting and Sales departments and all levels of management, from Team Leaders to C-Level. I set up from scratch HR processes, learning and development departments, introduced managerial coaching practices. Now I’m working as an independent expert leading my business consultancy studio, where we’re providing our clients with a holistic view based on comprehensive root cause analysis, hands-on company transformations, enabling thinking beyond direct roles and responsibilities.

Creating a solution I take into consideration goals and values on a company level, team level, and individual level. Proposed actions are targeted on improving an environment for all parties.

I have traditional psychological education and I am the certified coach and trainer. My main focus is on human behavior and mindset from neuropsychology and physiology angles. Tools that I use varies, it can be training, facilitation, psychotherapy, team or individual coaching. I do not only provide a solution, but I also support the implementation with additional analysis and process maintenance.

I believe that my mission is to make companies healthier and people happier.


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Emotional Intelligence by Iryna Mykhailova

About the training

#understand your beliefs and values   #self-consciousness   #communication   #negotiations   #emotions management   #mindfulness   #self-motivation   #self-control

Have you ever been in a situation when you cannot find the right words to choose in a stressful context? And later, when the moment is gone, an afterthought, you have a brilliant argument. Would you like to know why that happens? Would you like to control that and be able to provide the best argument at the best time? Even the most intelligent people fall into this trap. People all over the world are struggling between intelligence and emotions. These two worlds are not connected inside people’s minds. Are these worlds really disconnected? Emotional Intelligence researches show how human’s brain works. This knowledge is power. Power to complement intellect with the emotional sphere enabling the full power of both worlds. This training is important for understanding valuable things about Emotional Intelligence and ways of increasing it. The training is based on a practical approach. Participants should be ready for deep psychological work with themselves. The training gives participants tools for managing themselves, helps to find a better communication strategy, to use empathy for understanding colleagues and the true context of a situation. Participants will also learn how to put their true long term goals and find the best way to achieve them with a strong control on the emotional state. Participants will get an inspiration to bring more sense to their lives. They will understand why and how they should change and/or improve their mindset. This knowledge help participants to create useful and healthy habits, to build their life vision. In turn, this will teach them to live, not survive, because they will get an ability to make decisions based on their values. This knowledge also helps people to increase their strength and stability. Having strong Emotional Intelligence allows people to understand their best skills and learn how to use them to build their careers. We adjust the training style and instruments according to the particular needs of people, teams, and companies. After the training attendees will be able to do following in a better way: understand and manage their emotions, choose their state, build their communications more effectively, be self-conscious. We will touch such an important sphere as human beliefs. After the internal work with your negative beliefs, you will be able to increase the general level of life satisfaction. Duration: 16 hours (two working days). Training can be divided into four sessions. For groups of 12-16 participants. Possibility to have two trainers in some cases.

Learning outcomes

Understand and manage emotions

Deep analysis of people’s emotion sphere and life scenarios. How it can be seen and managed in practice.

Choose your state

Understand the true reason for your state and behavior. Be in control of it – pick appropriate state and behavior to a situation.

Build communication

Adopt a communication style according to your goals and context. Control your state in complex communication scenarios like negotiations and conflicts.

Be self-conscious

Build mindfulness and take extreme ownership of your life.


  • Emotional Intelligence: definition, structure, and self-analysis.

  • Emotional sphere: awareness and management

  • Work with emotions at the physical level

  • Practices of emotional introspections and managing them

  • Thinking level. Beliefs: theory and practice.

  • Dealing with manipulations.

  • Dealing with life scenarios.

  • Build a healthy thinking model – reprogram your mindset.

  • Social skills.

  • How to recognize and manage a human’s emotions and needs.

  • Building communications.

  • Life-work balance.

  • Life vision creation.

  • Building your algorithm of managing your state.

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