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Organization of HR Management

by Javanshir Abdullayev

Languages: English

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About the trainer:

Experienced manager, macroeconomist, advanced management consultant and trainer and director at Azerbaijan Bank Training Center.

Provides trainings on various business topics: 

Financial Markets & Financial Tools, FRM | Part 1, Credit Risk Management in Banks, Risk Management in Banks, Assets classification and provisions in banks, The recommendation of the Basel Committee on Risks, Organization of anti-corruption in banks, Stress testing, Image and strategic risk management, Market risks management, Credit Risk Management, Liquidity Risk Management, Organization of risk management, Anti-Money Laundering Measures.


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Organization of HR Management by Javanshir Abdullayev

About the training

#HRM structure   #HR policy   #Recruitment   #Job grading   #Basic salary definition   #Performance appraisal   #Motivation

Duration: 12 hours (three times a week for 4 hours) Target Group HR Managers & staff Language Azerbaijan


  • Module 1: Essence and importance of HRM

  • Module 1: International advanced practices on HRM (USA, Japan, Germany & Azerbaijan)

  • Module 1: HR risks and their hedging. Basle recommendations on HR risks

  • Module 2: HRM structure

  • Module 2: Monitoring tools of HR management

  • Module 2: HRM systems

  • Module 2: HR policy

  • Module 2: HR planning

  • Module 3: Recruitment

  • Module 3: Job grading

  • Module 3: Basic salary definition

  • Module 3: Employee development

  • Module 3: Performance appraisal

  • Module 3: Motivation

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