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Strategic Management

by Javanshir Abdullayev

Languages: English

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About the trainer:

Experienced manager, macroeconomist, advanced management consultant and trainer and director at Azerbaijan Bank Training Center.

Provides trainings on various business topics: 

Financial Markets & Financial Tools, FRM | Part 1, Credit Risk Management in Banks, Risk Management in Banks, Assets classification and provisions in banks, The recommendation of the Basel Committee on Risks, Organization of anti-corruption in banks, Stress testing, Image and strategic risk management, Market risks management, Credit Risk Management, Liquidity Risk Management, Organization of risk management, Anti-Money Laundering Measures.


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Strategic Management by Javanshir Abdullayev

About the training

#growth strategy   #identification of Vision & Mission   #phases of planning   #types of plans   #monitoring of plans implementation   #organization of plans implementation   #specifics of approval & revision of plans   #reporting systems on plans implementation

Duration: 12 hours (Saturdays for 6 hours) Target Group: Chairman & Members of Supervisory Board, Chairman & Members of Audit Committee, Chairman & Members of Management Board, Members of Strategic Planning Group, Internal Audit Language: Azerbaijan

Learning outcomes

Growth strategy

Definition of growth oriented & profit oriented strategy and selection of appropriate strategy

Identify the relevant goals

Development of operational plans, identification of goals for structural units and employees,

Improve financial planning

Financial planning, components included in financial planning


  • Module 1: Factors for successful business

  • Module 1: The essence and necessity of strategic management

  • Module 1: CBA’s normative acts on planning

  • Module 2: Phases of strategic planning process

  • Module 2: Growth, profit & expectation oriented strategies – conditional criteria

  • Module 3: Operational planning

  • Module 3: Identification of structural units’ goals

  • Module 3: Identification of employees’ goals

  • Module 4: Financial planning

  • Module 4: Identification of financial targets

  • Module 4: Planning of efficiency indicators

  • Module 5: Approval & revision of plans

  • Module 5: Organization of plans’ implementation

  • Module 5:Reporting

  • Module 5: Control of plans’ implementation

  • Final test

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