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by Jean-Stéphane Gourévitch
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About the trainer:

Jean-Stéphane Gourévitch is an expert of the strategic, public policy & market aspects of the digital/ mobile payments, mobile money, digital/mobile banking, digital/mobile commerce, fintech, the data economy and innovation ecosystem with over 25 years global experience at senior management levels.


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InsurtTech by Jean-Stéphane Gourévitch

About the training

#blockchain   #insurance   #fintech

A spinoff of the word fintech, insurtech refers to the application of new innovations and technology that are dramatically disrupting the insurance industry, from apps to artificial intelligence (AI) and lots in between.The need for better user experience, demand for different on demand insurance products by Millennials, increase in data from sensors and IoT present huge potential for Insurance sector disruption in health insurance, life insurance and property and casualty insurance sectors.

Learning outcomes

Market growth

Take a look at the dynamics of an evolving InsurTech Market

Big Data

Learn how the data economy and data driven innovation is at a centre of everything

Behaviours and incentives

Know more about how digital technologies and behavioural sciences redefine the insurance sector

New revenue opportunities

Get to know how technological evolutions and digital transformation impact business models


  • Insurtech? What is it? Dynamics of an evolving market

  • The context: A bird’s view over the global ecosystem

  • The Customers and their behaviours: How digital technologies and behavioural sciences/economics redefine the insurance sector?

  • The Technological alchemy and convergence: How technological evolutions and digital transformation impact business models and value chain

  • Strategic and regulatory issues on the market

  • Managing Innovation and cooperating with innovation and start-ups in the innovation ecosystem,

Main benefits

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