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Joachim Adenusi

Training Category Levels
Board Risk Governance and Performance Workshop Finance, Other Details

I am a confident and forward-thinking enterprise risk, business solutions and performance management professional with the ability to provide leadership, guidance, and direction in order to achieve set goals

I am also a storyteller, great communicator, an inventor, a statistician and an inspirational coach

I have a wealth of experience in risk management techniques, including defining corporate risk appetites, internal model validations process, developing ORSA, capital management, risk policies and frameworks for clients, workshop facilitation, stakeholder management, and risk maturity modelling.

As a risk consultant, I have led the process of developing and embedding a mature approach to risk management, managing the process and supporting programmes and projects across sectors. I have led risk and value management studies and interventions at project and programme levels developed risk management plans, delivered risk awareness training and facilitated the identification & analysis of project risks across different stages of the project lifecycle.

Core skills are Business Analyst, Risk Management and Modelling; Value Management; Training & Workshop Facilitation; Stakeholder Engagement and Management; Programme/Project Management; Corporate Governance; Capital Management; Strategic and Change Management; Performance Management; Data Analysis, Statistical and Actuarial Skills.

Finally, I am "imperfect family man loved unconditionally"