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Acquiring the mindset and attitude of a Truepreneur

by Jochen Bessemans

Languages: English, Dutch

Price (from): €17,000 / day

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About the trainer:

Jochen Bessemans and Veerle Huygen started their own separate businesses in 2014. Jochen’s focus was mainly on coaching CEO's and entrepreneurs, change projects, business development, and community building. Veerle has been focusing on career coaching high potentials and setting up strategic and operational HR practices in companies (startups, scaleups, and corporates). They both have been trained in group facilitation (Art of Hosting and other techniques), leadership development (Leading by Being, Silence, and Leadership), transformation enablement (Theory U) and personal development. They combine their experience and know-how in Shots of Ginger, an accelerator for Truepreneurship.

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Acquiring the mindset and attitude of a Truepreneur by Jochen Bessemans

About the training

#Truepreneurs mindset   #Truepreneurs attitude   #accountability   #balancing business and personal success

To adapt and innovate at the speed demanded by this VUCA world, companies heavily invest in methodologies such as lean, scrum, self-steering teams and others. These methodologies focus on the process and/or organizational side of the business. A similar focus on methodologies can be seen amongst entrepreneurs (startups, scaleups and corporates alike) where Business Model Canvasses and other strategic models are used to streamline and accelerate their business success. This training taps into the underlying foundation to truly deepen the impact of these methodologies: the mindset, attitude, and motivation of the people involved. The mindset, attitude, and motivation of a Truepreneur, an entrepreneur or intrapreneur who balances and achieves business and personal success. Someone who knows how to cope with the strain the business side puts on their personal lives, who keep a healthy balance and focus and achieves results. Each morning participants get a 10-minute online briefing with an assignment for that day on which they reflect for 5 minutes in the evening. Every Friday there is an online group coaching call. Every four weeks the group meets (if possible in real life) to exchange insights, learn from each other and learn to support one another and hold each other accountable for their progress. (these group meetings are facilitated for maximum results). On request, the training can be made to measure by starting with a strategic kick-off capturing the needs of the company and the participants. This subsequently will be used as input to adapt the 8-week program to the client’s needs.

Learning outcomes


During this course, participants shed habits which prevent progress and acquire new ones that strengthen their entrepreneurial abilities.


By changing the habits and through the assignments participants will become more proactive, focused and productive.

Supporting network

Participants will hold each other accountable and become a safe haven for each other from which they derive the strength to endure and achieve results.

Learning circles

During the program, we tap into the combined wisdom of the participants and stimulate them learning from each other and exchanging insights.


  • 8 weeks

  • Combines online and offline components

  • Groups of ideally 10 people

  • Mindset and attitude

Main benefits

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