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DISTRIBUTION MASTERCLASS - RETAIL BANKING IN THE NEW DIGITAL ERA: How to adapt and survive in the new world of retail banking where change is coming from many sectors

by John Berry

Languages: English

Price (from): €2,200 / day

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About the trainer:

John is an internationally recognized customer experience expert, thought leader and trainer. His extensive experience as the former Managing Director at the bank Abbey National (now part of Banco Santander) long-side his work with businesses over the last decade enable attendees to gain significant insights from his work around the world.

Customer centricity is core to his business focus – seeing the world through the eyes of customers. Business uplifts of +30% have been regularly achieved in his work with banks

During his extensive banking career, his roles included Sales Director (800 branches/ 13000 staff), Marketing Director, Operations Director, European Director and Managing Director (retail)

He received international recognition for customer-centricity innovation in bringing a form of franchising to UK financial services as well as changing the face of high street banking by putting coffee and banking together (Costa Coffee)
Since “retiring” from Abbey at the end of 2003 John has worked throughout the world assisting businesses to improve their performance through increased customer centricity (experience has included many countries in Africa/ SE Asia/ Australia/ Europe/ Middle East, India, Pakistan, Russia, Korea)
His involvement with training companies globally has enhanced his international reputation

He has published work on bank performance and is also a recognized speaker at banking conferences 
In addition to work in the financial services arena, his expertise also incorporates non-FS sectors where he has helped companies dramatically improve performance through creating a “buying culture” ensuring companies look at all aspects of their business from the customer’s perspective

A knowledgeable and very experienced individual John will help challenge existing approaches and methodologies to improve corporate performance. His knowledge of the market changes and the new world challenges facing banks enable him to give added value to senior management teams wishing to differentiate their performance in a crowded marketplace


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DISTRIBUTION MASTERCLASS - RETAIL BANKING IN THE NEW DIGITAL ERA: How to adapt and survive in the new world of retail banking where change is coming from many sectors by John Berry

About the training

#customers   #powerful relationships   #empowerment   #maximize income

  • Retail banking has changed significantly over the last few years, partly as a result of the impacts of the global financial crisis but mainly because of the rapid growth in new alternative channels of distribution emanating from the new digital era
  • These changes are creating significant challenges and placing pressures on banks to on the one hand grow revenue but at the same time reduce costs.
  • Alongside these changes, the customers of banks are more demanding so delivering excellence in customer experience in the multi-channel world is key
  • Many banks fail to please their customers, grow their revenue, reduce cost and drive shareholder value – this programme will share with attendees what the leaders are doing and show how they can be followed
  • The programme will draw upon experience from retail banks around the globe, tailored to the local market
  • Establishing a clear strategic direction alongside a deliverable plan
  • The programme is about practical learning and examples, not theory, it is about helping attendees take away real actionable ideas, innovations and plans to make a real difference

Learning outcomes

Increase Productivity

Improving recruitment and training for significantly increased contributions; Role of leadership at all levels – how it can transform the bottom line

Understand Marketing and Communication

Using customer insights to be one step ahead of the competition; Understanding how customers buy from you; Identifying and removing barriers to purchase

Maximize Contributions

Power of people in the delivery of results – centralization v. decentralization some real-life examples of what works; Power of the front line – how can you maximize results

Understand Customer Experience

Reward systems for customer experience excellence delivery; Empowerment – examples of leaders who deliver excellence; Delivering increased loyalty at lower costs and higher value – how it can be achieved











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