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HV/MV Circuit Breaker Maintenance, Safe Operation & Theory

by John Greyling

Languages: English

Price (from): €3,550 / day

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About the trainer:

I have the experience, expertise, and knowledge of the functioning of a Utility with over 34 years experience in Eskom, our South African Power Utility (17 years in the substation construction environment and 17 years in the switchgear environment). I have also since 2000 been running my own company, Hevilex (a further 17 years). I am an HV/MV Switchgear Specialist & my responsibilities encumber maintenance, breakdown repairs, system operational investigations, technical audits, training, am accredited module writer, am accredited mentor, am accredited technical auditor, am practical & theoretical switchgear hands-on trainer. Also, am writer & presenter of the SAIEE validated, as per ECSA policy, “HV/MV Circuit Breaker, Maintenance, Safe Operation & Theory, Master Class Course” which has been awarded 2 CPD credits. I have presented this course in Malaysia, Qatar, Botswana, Namibia and off course South Africa. I Have undergone circuit breaker training at equipment manufacturer’s factories (OEM’s) in Switzerland (Sprecher & Schuh Alstom/Actom), Pittsburgh in the USA (ABB) & Utilities in Winnipeg and Vancouver (Canada). After voluntary retirement from Eskom in 2000, I started a company called Hevilex. The company, which has successfully grown over the last 19 years, not so much in size but in expertise. A company focused on all aspects of circuit breaker/switchgear maintenance and training. While at Eskom, Southern Africa Power Utility, I achieved: • Transmission/Distribution ‘National’ switchgear specialist status • The team leader of National Transmission Switchgear Support Workgroup • Member of Transmission technical evaluation & CB procurement team • Advise on the procurement of circuit breaker spares for Transmission Group • Team Leader responsible for technical evaluation of Eskom National Contracts (ENC) and tenders for circuit breakers. • Investigated equipment failures in Region and Division. • Compiled Investigation reports with findings and remedial action. • Initiated national projects concerning problematic equipment in Transmission. • Responsible for setting maintenance standards, maintenance practices, maintenance frequencies, and competency pre-requisites. • Determined maintenance Standards and practices • Investigated ‘Condition Monitoring’ for Eskom Distribution implementation. Communicated with Hydro Ontario and Hydro Quebec in Canada in this regard. • Compiling of Investigation reports with findings and remedial action • Compiling technical reports on inherent circuit breaker problems for Transmission and Distributor. • Carry out HV/MV circuit breaker maintenance(major overhaul or periodic maintenance), inspections, breakdown repairs, failure investigations etc.


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HV/MV Circuit Breaker Maintenance, Safe Operation & Theory by John Greyling

About the training

#switchgear   #application methods   #circuit breaker   #circuit breaker

The course can be run at your premises or venue of choice. This 2-day workshop/course has been run in Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Dubai, Malaysia, and Qatar. The students might need more info on the newer Insulating Technologies now available. Siemens, for example, are looking at replacing SF6 with a gas consisting of 80% nitrogen + 20% oxygen; ABB is experimenting with CO²gas. Well, the CB’s I cover are up to date with the latest available besides the above mentioned new design which will only be available later in 2018. At the moment SF6 and vacuum insulated gear are very prevalent in the electrical industry. This includes GIS and Hybrid CB’s. As you probably know, there are basically three fields in the HV/MV Electrical Power System Grid. Circuit Breakers, Power Transformers and Protection, Test & Commissioning. These are the main issues when looking at a power grid system, whether its Distribution, Transmission or Generation. I cover the HV/MV Circuit Breaker field.

Learning outcomes


Understand the mechanical theory of switchgear

MV and HV switchgear

Carry out correct application methods and ensure a longer life span on your MV and HV switchgear

The correct CB

Able to choose the correct CB by implementing a ‘specification & requirement’ list

Application, installation, maintenance and testing

Take part in interactive discussions on application, installation, maintenance and testing issues relating switchgear

Learn from experts

Learn from a recognized expert with international & cross-industry experience

Diagnostic tools

At the end of the program, the delegates will be aware of diagnostic tools that aid the planning of maintenance, understand the changing requirements placed on the system with increasing load and fault levels


  • Different types of switching equipment

  • Introduction to Circuit Breakers

  • Types of switchgear

  • Circuit Breaker ratings

  • Safety in ‘Live’ Electrical Environment

  • Types of Maintenance & Maintenance Philosophy

  • General Circuit Breaker maintenance: Philosophy & Requirements

  • Circuit Breaker mechanism

  • Choosing the correct Circuit Breaker for your application

  • Maintenance philosophy & planned maintenance program

  • Circuit Breaker testing

  • Condition monitoring

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