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Effective meetings

by Jon Forssell

Languages: English, Swedish

Price (from): €10,000 / day

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About the trainer:

The who: I am a behavioral scientist with 15 years of experience as a speaker, moderator and business consultant. I have worked with the development of leaders and teams throughout my career and is specialized in how interaction shapes knowledge.

The why: The best feedback I have ever gotten is ”You reduce the distance between people, bring them closer to each other.” I want to make it easier for people to grow together. There is so much to gain from reflecting upon yourself, and there is so much knowledge on human behavior, as individuals and in a social context. And I truly long to help more people to learn how to use that knowledge. To start learning about themselves, reflect on what they want and need, what is important to them and why. So they can become more distinct, more visible. First to themselves. And when we become distinct to our selves, we become more apparent to others. That makes it easier to connect and develop together. That's why I am an interactive speaker and more – to share the knowledge, and help make more people distinct to themselves and each other, by asking by they think, want, know and feel – and then talk about that.


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Effective meetings by Jon Forssell

About the training

#effective meetings   #increased productivity   #employee engagement   #behavior change

Stuck in too long, tedious and pointless meetings?
This training turns your meetings into short, relevant and meaningful tools for progress for your organization. We focus on your current situation to make sure the next step is relevant for you. This training creates a deep understanding and know-how for everyone who attends meetings - creating great meetings are a team effort!

Learning outcomes

Meeting design

Strategy and hands-on tips for meeting design for everyone!

Current meeting culture analysis

Increased individual understanding of current meeting culture is key to make meetings better!

Calls to action - make effective meetings a team effort!

During the training, we create relevant calls to action - both on individual and team levels!

Team level app based follow ups

Your calls to action turn into measurable goals, for you and your team to use as intermittent evaluations of progress!


  • A digitally interactive speech on meetings, with real time result analysis of your current meeting culture and most urgent needs

  • Based on those results, I conduct a digitally interactive (app based) workshop where we co-create goals and calls-to-action.

  • I then analyze the data from the workshop and present a number of measurable goals that focus on behaviors that create great meetings

  • These goals are transformed into an app based meeting evaluation for you to use to evaluate meeting based on your own needs and goals!

Main benefits

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